140 Candles

By June 1, 2017news-leeds
LJWB portillo - edward ziff, michael portillo, marjorie ziff --- diane ziff

The Leeds Jewish Welfare Board celebrated its 140th birthday.

The Leeds Jewish Welfare Board (LJWB) recently celebrated its milestone 140th anniversary in style. The glamorous event was held in the Reuben Vincent Hall at Etz Chaim Synagogue with around 240 dinner guests.

Opener Marilyn Stowe, one of the UK’s leading family lawyers, honoured special guest Dr Marjorie Ziff, the philanthropist and MBE, describing her as “a wonderful, quiet, dignified benefactor and patron of renowned institutions including the University at Leeds. She has assisted beyond measure the Leeds Jewish Welfare Board, and her family’s charitable contributions are legendary.”

The LJWB, which offers services including social, residential and community care to the Leeds Jewish community, drafted in another special guest and keynote speaker, Michael Portillo, to regale the audience.

Addressing the gathered LJWB supporters, Michael Portillo, formerly a trustee of the charity The Parliamentary Committee Against Anti-Semitism, said: “I have long been an admirer of the way in which the Jewish community comes together to provide essential support services to those in need. I share the community’s passion for social justice and equality.”

Liz Bradbury, the LJWB’s CEO, also spoke at the special event, drawing together threads from past and present challenges: “Our forefathers came together at a time when most of us cannot begin to comprehend the degree of poverty they experienced.

“We know tomorrow is not the same as yesterday and the past cannot predict the future. But if our past is anything to go by we will have continued success.

“No one at the board is more important than anyone else as we are much more than the sum of our individual parts. One community working together with over 150 staff and 220 volunteers, hoping to make a difference and change lives,” she added.