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3 Reasons Why you Should be Guest Blogging

By February 6, 2015 March 9th, 2016 Blog-Leeds, Blog-Manchester

Over the last five years companies have invested more and more time and creativity into blogging. The latest ‘trend’ is to extend this beyond the realms of their own company websites, to writing for other businesses within the same sector, community or region.

JLife has welcomed guest blogs from a variety of organisations and people including Jonny Ross Consultancy, Or Nehushtan (Leeds community shaliach) and a student from the community who’ve shared their thoughts on topical subjects and their stories. Here JLife explores some of the main advantages to committing to guest blogging.


1. Traffic To Your Website Will Increase

It takes time and a lot of effort to develop an online following but guest blogging enables you to tap into a new audience drawing traffic from another website to yours. Over time this number will build up once readers become more familiar with you and your writing, appreciating your opinions and taking notice of your services.

Tip: The best way to do this is to include a link to your website at the bottom of your guest blog post.



2. Your Writing Finds a New Audience

Conveying your ideas and expressing your passion through guest blogging allows you to communicate to a new audience you might never have thought about connecting to, expanding your business potential and exposing your event or services to new clientele.

Tip: Don’t spend hours creating something if only a handful of people see it. However, if you receive negative feedback you have a great opportunity to improve your blogging style.



3. Increased Networking Opportunities

In today’s day and age, it’s more about who you know than what you know. So, even before the blog gets published, you make a connection with another writer and business. These new connections will also introduce you to their loyal blog audience and can recommend you to other businesses for more blogging opportunities.

Tip: Research who you want to connect to and use social media such as LinkedIn to pinpoint individuals you can contact directly.



If what you’ve read here inspires you to get blogging then get in touch with our editorial team at JLife – – we don’t bite!


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