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Why do we Dress up at Purim?

By February 27, 2015 March 9th, 2016 Blog-Leeds, Blog-Manchester
Why do we Dress up at Purim?

JLife looks at the ancient custom and rounds up a list of fancy dress suppliers in Leeds and Manchester.

Why do we Dress up at Purim?
As Purim edges closer and closer (4th and 5th March) and you’re frantically getting all your preparations off to a start, JLife looks into the tradition of why we dress up to mark the occasion.

Ancient Custom

The ancient Jewish custom is to dress up in different costumes on Purim and there are several reasons why we wear costumes. One is because Purim represents “the hidden”, which unlike Passover, for example, where the story and miracles are obviously supernatural, the miracles of Purim are not so clear.

The Book of Esther

In the Book of Esther, which tells the story of Purim, the Persian king Achashveirosh gets drunk at a party and kills his queen, Vashti. He then marries Esther a cousin of the Jewish leader Mordechai. The sequence of events is a string of “coincidences” in a plot to destroy the Jewish people and, finally, a Jewish hero who saves the day. God is nowhere to be found. His name does not appear once in the Book of Esther. Just like God was hidden in the miraculous salvation of the Jewish people, we too hide ourselves on Purim to recall that even when it’s not so obvious, God is always there.

Preserving Dignity

Giving money to charity is a major part of the Purim celebrations. Those who are needy go door to door over the course of the holiday, asking for money. They also go from synagogue to synagogue during services. It is implied that wearing of Purim costumes allows the unfortunate people to dress up and hide their identities while collecting charity – helping to preserve their dignity.

So whatever your reason is for dressing up this Purim and if you’ve not yet decided on what to wear, here is a round-up of fancy dress stores to visit in both Leeds and Manchester.


Fancy Dress Experience

88 Otley Road

Far Headingley


The Fancy Dress King

Unit 57, Barkston House

Croydon St

Leeds, LS11 9RT

Best Kept Secret

27-29 Headingley Lane

Hyde Park

Leeds, LS6 1BL


Sandroy Fancy Dress

74 Crossgates Road


Leeds, LS15 7NN

Over the Rainbow

Over The Rainbow Fancy Dress

3 Valley Road


Leeds, LS28 9ER

North Manchester

Jackies Fancy Dress

88 Cross Lane


Manchester, M26 2RF



50 Long St


Manchester, M24 6UQ


115 Rochdale Road


Greater Manchester, BL9 7BA

Boogie Knights

36 Worsley Road North


Manchester, M28 3GW

South Manchester

Celebration Party Shop

515 Barlow Moor Road


Manchester, M21 8AQ

Funky Fever

31 Oakfield Street


Cheshire, WA15 8HQ

Aura Fancy Dress

The Market Place


Greater Manchester, WA14 1SA

One Stop Parties

420 Palatine Road

Manchester, M22 4JT

JLife wishes all our readers and happy and healthy Purim.

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