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At Home with… Caprice

By September 30, 2015 March 23rd, 2016 Interviews-Leeds, Interviews-Manchester

Entrepreneur and model Caprice Bourret chats to JLife’s Kirsty Plowman about her new home range, tell-all autobiography and embracing Jewish values in motherhood.


This autumn By Caprice is launching its debut home range ‘By Caprice Home’. The collections – Butterfly, Eternity, Parisian and Sophie – feature the finest materials, new techniques, glamour and originality. The American-born businesswoman designs, models, and markets lingerie, swimwear and sleepwear, and in 2010 launched Bedding By Caprice.


How did the idea for your debut home range ‘By Caprice Home’ come together?
I saw a gap in the market – a celebrity backed home range – and took advantage of that. The response has been great.


What inspired the designs for your collections?
The designs are inspired by trends. We go to Paris twice a year, looking at laces and embroideries, to get some ideas, and I have a fantastic designer.


How do you adapt your own home for autumn?
Every year we re-paint the house and we’ve just had this done while we were away in Ibiza for a month. My home is a mess right now! Our home has a minimalist and clean look with a lot of greys, whites and blacks. It’s a Grade II listed building with high ceilings but I’ve kept it as minimalist as I can. With three step-children and my two boys, the interior design isn’t too precious or fragile – children go in and destroy!


This summer marked the release of your autobiography ‘My Boys, My Body, My Business’. How did it feel to delve into your personal life?
Going back through various moments in my life felt like I was in therapy! But I was so happy and excited to share my stories. Some things were daunting and painful to discuss but everyone has ups and downs. My personality allows me to forget about the bad things that have happened in my life and wipe it out of my mind. When I had to talk about having a family it was quite painful. It was a tough battle but I was thrilled to share my inspiring story.


How do you celebrate your Jewish roots and values?
My boys are being raised somewhat religiously and will have an orthodox education. I do a kiddush every Friday – since I’ve had children the holidays and the Sabbath have become increasingly more important.


As a hardworking businesswoman, how do you mix home life with two young sons?
I wish there was a formula I could share but there isn’t! It isn’t easy. You just learn not to sleep! I was fortunate enough to have the space to move my office to our house which has helped. I’m able to make the children’s breakfast, lunch and dinner then get back to the office. As a woman we are the glue of the family – we have to bring home half the bacon.


What inspired you to move into business?
I have always treated my career as a business – even at the height of my modelling days. I launched By Caprice when I was in my 30s as I knew modelling wasn’t going to last forever – I initially launched a licensing deal with Debenhams where I got them to carry the risks.


What next for you and By Caprice Home?
I’m constantly thinking about the children. I’ll be figuring out their classes for next semester before they attend nursery. In business terms, I’m very excited for By Caprice Home and hope to expand internationally. Now I’m supplying it myself I am able to put much more into it.


By Caprice Home is debuting this autumn. Stockists include: Very (, Look Again ( and House of Fraser Online ( All bedding sets are available in single, double and king sizes. ‘My Boys, My Body, My Business’ is available to purchase on