Best Man for The Job

By February 2, 2016Features-Leeds
You are the Robin to his Batman, his wingman and his partner in crime. You are his best man and with that comes a number of important responsibilities.

Are you prepared for a very important role?


You are the Robin to his Batman, his wingman and his partner in crime. You are his best man and with that comes a number of important responsibilities. Granted, best man duties have relaxed over the years but nevertheless there is still plenty to do.


As best man, it is your duty to support the groom throughout the whole wedding process. It will be you who calms his nerves and stands by his side as the bride makes her way down the aisle. Although if you are a groomsman at a traditional Jewish wedding, you might find that the procession takes you down the aisle before the groom.

No matter what kind of wedding, if you have been asked to be the groom’s supportive sidekick, then there are certain things you may need to take into consideration.

Be Organised
Organising an epic stag do is likely to be your number one priority but there is a lot to arrange. You need a date, location and budget that suits everyone, plus their contact details. Then there is transport, payment and activities to organise. The groom has left the stag do in your capable hands – give him something to remember (for all the right reasons).


Be on Time
This is one day when you cannot be late and need to make sure that you and the groom arrive at the ceremony on time. Set several alarms if you have to but leave enough time to get there about 30 minutes before the bride. Make sure all the ushers know what time they are setting off and where they are getting picked up.

Be Careful
The bride may never forgive you if you turn up without the all-important rings. Keep them in a safe place you can easily access but where there is no danger of the rings escaping. Check, check and check again before you leave for the ceremony and keep a close eye on them once you arrive.

Be Useful
There will be a lot of running around to do on the day on behalf of the bride and groom, particularly when it comes to capturing the right photographs. Trying to organise certain guests when it is their turn in front of the camera is not always easy, so expect to be the one that has to track down Aunt Doris.

Be Confident
The time will come for you to take centre stage with you best man’s speech. If you are not a confident speaker, get plenty of practice in or read from a piece of paper if needs be – no one is there to judge. Alternatively, make the speech interactive with video clips to take the attention away from you. Be confident that what you put in your speech is suitable for the whole audience!


Be Prepared
If there is a wedding rehearsal, be sure to attend and pay attention as there is a lot to remember. Guests will turn to you for help on the day if they are unsure about anything, so be cooperative and make yourself known. They can then call on you, rather than bothering the groom with trivial matters.
Be on Guard
Lastly, if nothing else make sure the wedding day as stress-free as possible for the bride and groom.