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Make Shavuot a piece of cake with this selection of non-bake baking accessories and a tasty cheesecake recipe.

Shavuot is just around the corner, on 31st May, which can only mean one thing in the kitchen: it is time for cheesecake. With this in mind, JLife rounds up the best no-bake accessories, complemented by a mouth-watering recipe, to help you create a quick and easy cheesecake for the celebrations…

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Just Desserts

Keep on top of the latest culinary trends and cut down on the washing up with non-bake cake ware company Delicake’s Masters range, which are designed with the baker in mind. These lightweight, all-in-one three piece products include a sleeve, base and lid, and allow you to prepare, set and serve your puddings using a single kitchen item.

Whip up quick and scrumptious desserts to set in the fridge or freezer with either the Traditional Round Master or Versatile Rectangle Master — reducing your time in the kitchen and meaning you can concentrate on entertaining.
Traditional Round Master £30.45
Versatile Rectangle Master £36.55

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Cake And Eat It
If your delectable dessert has to survive a walk, or a car journey, to get to its final destination, a cake carrier can come in handy and online gifts and accessories retailer dotcomgiftshop’s vintage apple design carrier provides a stylish way to transport your treats. Not just about the aesthetics, this quirky cake tin also comes with secure and easy-to-use metal handles.

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Weighing It Up
Make sure your measurements are up to scratch, even if you are not putting your cake in the oven.

Dotcomgiftshop’s vintage shop scales, in green, ivory, red or blue, include a stainless steel removable bowl and are a charming, retro way to make your Shavuot cheesecakes perfectly proportioned.


Cream Of The Crop
Sick of squirty cans? Andrew James’ aluminium cream whipper does what it says on the tin – providing fresh, fluffy whipped cream. Able to whip up to 500ml at a time and with three different nozzles for piping included, this kitchen item appeals to the artistic kitchen king or queen and offers an indulgent finishing touch and lavish topping to your chosen pudding in seconds.

chocolate cheesecake

Delicake’s recipe for chocolate cheesecake
250g biscuit
75g butter to combine
250g cream cheese
½ cup caster sugar
600ml thick cream
200g milk chocolate
1 punnet raspberries
1 tbsp kosher gelatine
¼ cup of water – for gelatine


1.Crush biscuits in a processor, combine with 75g melted butter and mix well. Spread mixture over the base firmly. Refrigerate
for a minimum of 10 minutes.
2.For the chocolate mixture add 300g of the cream and all the chocolate in a saucepan, stirring until melted. Allow to cool.
3.Combine the cream cheese and caster sugar in a bowl using an electric mixer. Add the other 300g cream and mix for a further minute.
4.Sprinkle the gelatine into hot water and mix, then cool but do not allow the mix to set. Add this to the cream cheese mixture.
5.Combine chocolate mixture and cheesecake mixture together. Pour over the biscuit base and refrigerate for a minimum of eight hours or overnight.
6.Just before serving, decorate with raspberries. Store in the fridge to eat later if required.