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Down to Earth

By July 31, 2019 September 5th, 2019 Features-Leeds

It’s just common sense to consider how we might be impacting the environment in all aspects of our lives, and the beauty industry is leading the way…

The Economist magazine declared 2019 as the ‘year of the vegan’, reporting that a quarter of millennials identify as vegan or vegetarian. This demand for all things vegan has made other industries take notice, especially the beauty business.

In 2018, the UK was the leading European market for ‘clean’ colour cosmetics launches and was and second globally only to the US. Indeed, the UK accounted for 21% of all global ‘clean’ colour cosmetics launches in 2018.

Embracing beauty with a conscience, according to Mintel, the market research provider, vegan haircare claims trebled in the UK, rising from 6% of all launches in 2014 to an impressive one in five (20%) in 2018. Meanwhile, gluten-free claims trebled in haircare in the UK too, rising from 3% of all launches in 2016 to 9% in 2018.

Caroline Neville MBE, president of the 2019 CEW Beauty Awards commented on this rise: “With over 1,800 beauty brands operating in the country, it’s no surprise that we are seeing some of the most exciting and creative innovation coming from the UK and shaping the future of beauty across the world.”

Therefore, JLife decided to hit the health and beauty aisles to see what’s available that doesn’t cost the earth…

Complete the Trilogy

This Botanical Body Wash from Trilogy is a gentle gel body wash which leaves skin squeaky clean and heavenly scented. And there’s no nasty harsh ingredients here either – just lots of lovely all-natural goodies including rosehip, kawakawa and amla oils. Enjoy the crisp, relaxing, aroma-therapeutic fragrance while non-drying cleansers gently refresh the skin to leave you ready for action.


Testing the Waters
CBD is one of the key beauty and wellness ingredients in beauty and skincare, receiving praise from A-list stars such as Rihanna and Dakota Johnson. Deemed an all-in-one solution due to its calming anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, CBD oil is also becoming a popular alternative for treatment anxiety due to its calming properties.

The utan CBD Tanning Water has been described as a ‘miracle product’ for its anti-inflammatory properties that helps give skin a more youthful appearance. Scented with a Scottish lavender oil, the utan CBD Tanning Water has been designed for the more sensitive skin types, so it is suitable for all. Practical to travel with, the tanning water takes your skincare and tanning routine to the next level, also acting as the perfect make-base; one product, but multiple purposes for it!


Always Be a Unicorn
The new super soft five-piece rainbow unicorn make-up brush set from Cressida Harte with its pink and blue ombre embossed leatherette tub holders contains all you need for whatever your beauty routine may be. It includes a large powder brush, middle cheeks flat powder brush, a highlight brush and two eyeshadow/ brow brushes.

The make-up brushes are vegan friendly, using plush MCF (microfibre) hairs rather than animal hair as well as being kind and soft on the skin, allergy free and not tested on animals.


Whiter Than White

Dubbed the celebrity go-to brand for all things teeth whitening and a firm favourite with influencers and beauty editors alike, Polished London is dedicated to bringing innovative dental products to consumers, by sourcing the finest ingredients that are stringently tested, safe, cruelty free and vegan.

Polished London’s products include the new aloewhite and charcoal mouthwashes and whitening strips, as well as its whitening kit. The kit contains a pulsating LED Light, mouth tray, polished teeth whitening pen, three 5ml polished teeth whitening gels and is ideal for those for people that have minor stains and want to get on top of them or maintain that polished white smile you are proud of.