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In a world of harsh marketing marketing tactics and invasive ads pushed into the face of every available demographic, JLife cuts through the noise. With a prolific online presence and glossy print publication delivered to affluent households and companies bi-monthly, we have the luxury of reaching a multitude of audiences that other platforms fail to grab. Advertise in Manchester with us. It could be the smartest marketing decision you’ve ever made.

We work with a number of local businesses around the city including home interiors, retail and leisure, delis, motors, estate agents and schools. Having worked closely with companies from small businesses to regional brands we’re building a community of harmony between our clients and readers.

Why Choose Us?

We offer multi-platform advertising. Not only do we have a strong following of online readers we also have managed to curate a readable and dynamic print publication that stretches to even the hardest to reach and most valuable demographic.

We’re social media savvy. We understand the importance of social media marketing and fully use this to our advantage. Our readers are not only reading our magazines in the comfort of their own home but are also tapping into Twitter and Facebook on their commute. We use this to our full advantage to reach the people who are always plugged in.

We don’t expect you to do all the work. With a strong, close-knit team of creatives and logistics people we’re fully equipped to handle the most complicated advertising projects. Don’t worry if you’re not a creative soul – we offer support from our in-house experts including seasoned graphic designers, ambitious journalists and strategic marketers.

We stay true to our readers. Although advertisers like yourselves pay the bills we know that great content is what draws in the crowds. Our editorial team take the time to create first-class content that we know our readers will love without inundating them with sales pitches. This makes our readers uniquely engaging with our content.

The JLife Reader

Our readers are diverse. Although we first began as a magazine catering exclusively to the Jewish community in North Leeds we have expanded massively over the years. This has in turn grown our audience from a small corner of Leeds to an overarching crowd of engaging consumers across the city and now, Manchester.

We have a young and vibrant demographic who are always looking for the next best thing in Manchester, whether trying to find a vegetarian café for brunch or where the best place is to take their family for the weekend. They’re people with disposable income, who’re dying to find brands to invest their time and money in.

What We Offer

With a print publication, website and a full range of social media platforms there’s a wealth of opportunity when you advertise in Manchester with us. We offer anything from small classified ads to main issue sponsor packages if you want to make a real impact. We accept and promote competitions of all kinds which are always happily received by our readers.

If you would like more information on our advertising options check out our rate card here or send us throw us a message about your business needs in the contact form below.

Check out our past issues to get a taste of what we could do for you here.

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