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By March 8, 2016Uncategorized
Sasha Coghlan

As a member of two Altrincham Syncro teams, young Sasha Coghlan is picking up awards for her ice skating abilities.


Despite only been 11 years of age, Sasha Coghlan has already achieved considerable success in the world of synchronised ice skating – and has high aspirations for where her talent will take her.


The King David High School student has so far participated in, and earned notable awards in, competitions throughout London, Dumfries, Cardiff, Widnes, and Belgium, in addition to the British Championships in Sheffield and Nottingham. Although located in Sunnybank, she skates in Altrincham at least three times a week, in which two of the sessions take place at 6am.


Sasha’s love of the sport and first experience of it spans back to when she was just five, soon signing up for Skate UK lessons and, within a year, passing all 10 levels and working on her bronze, silver and gold. She then opted for private lessons and entered a couple of competitions on her own, but seeing the synchronising teams practice one night prompted her to take that route instead.


Sasha currently skates for two Altrincham Syncro teams: the Whizz Kids (aged six to 13) and Silver Blades (for those aged 11 to 22). And this season, under the guidance of coach Sam Ozard, she has achieved a gold medal with the Whizz Kids and a silver with the Silverblades at the Trophy d’Ecosse in Dumfries. Sasha and the other Whizz Kids members sustained their momentum in Widnes at a local rink competition, claiming another gold, while in Belgium at the Kempen Trophy they secured a silver.


Sasha also continues to participate in solo competitions, as well as complete tests as a member of NISA to keep her place on the teams and to improve her skills; she has her level three field moves and is striving to pass levels four and five by the end of the year.


As for Sasha’s skating future, she is already looking ahead to the 2018 Winter Olympics, hoping that the fast growing discipline will be a featured category at the event.


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