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GSAL Pupil Runs Up £2,200 Fundraising Total

By November 26, 2019 news-leeds

Zach Cohen

12 year-old Zack Cohen has raised an amazing sum for The Zone with a little help from his friends. Ahead of his Bar Mitzvah in December, the Year 8 The Grammar School at Leeds pupil sought to mark the occasion by setting himself an epic fundraising challenge.

Throughout October, Zack completed a 5km run every day, often with fellow runners. Zack finished his challenge on a high – 12 of his friends joining him for his final run ending at The Zone to celebrate.

Running a total of 155km, Zack has raised £2,200 for the youth club, smashing his original target of £1,000.

Zack’s mum Nikki said: “It was a tough test of stamina, fitting the runs in with school and all his other activities. The weather was also very mixed with a couple of extremely wet runs! We’re incredibly proud of him.”

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