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By January 2, 2018Features-Manchester
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The New Year traditionally inspires people to get personal wellbeing back on track. JLife rounds up a selection of health-boosting ideas and classes.

The first months of the year, following on from an indulgent party season, are the ideal time to make good on New Year’s resolutions. Fresh challenges, pacts to exercise more often or promises to live healthier a lifestyle; whatever your personal motivation and inspiration, there is an array of intriguing fitness ideas available. So, clear away the cocktail shakers, finish off the last of the latkes, and make a change…

Case for the Defence
Krav Maga, a self-defence and fighting system developed for the Israel Defence Forces (IDF), incorporates a mix of styles and techniques from a range of martial arts. With a focus on real-world situations and realistic fighting, it’s sure to get you working up a sweat and learning useful skills at the same time.

Dori Nemetsky, one of the world’s most renowned Krav Maga instructors, will be teaching a joint seminar alongside Golan Levy, a former IDF fighter and police detective, at Maccabi, on 25th February. A chance to train with the best, this mixed seminar costs £60 per person and is suitable for those aged 13 and over.
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Family Affair
The Family Martial Arts Centre, which has numerous local branches across the North West, offers courses and classes aimed at the whole family. Sessions are designed not just with fitness and physical improvement in mind, but social and emotional growth too, as attendees also study the spiritual and ethical aspects of self-defence.

The Prestwich branch boasts a fully matted safety floor, and provides family-friendly sessions and single sex classes on Monday evenings. Fees are £40 per month but a range of sibling discounts are available.
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Lifebox Press Release-2
Outside the Box
Lifebox, a British food and wellbeing brand, sells a range of subscriptions and packages to help kick-start a healthier lifestyle. Whether for yourself or as a gift for the health-conscious foodie in your life, these bespoke boxes contain a wealth of samples, supplements and goodies such as herbal teas and raw snack bars, as well as recipe cards for cooking and baking.
Pick from a host of bespoke boxes, including packs tailored specifically to women’s health, men’s health or to vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free diets.
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Fi7ness by Jessica Wright Press Release FINAL-1
Seven Up
If you’d prefer to work on your exercise routines in the comfort of your own home, Fi7ness by Jessica Wright is a new seven-week home fitness programme which targets all muscle groups.

Jessica, a former star of reality TV show, The Only Way Is Essex, has created a programme that focuses on the power of the number seven. Try her 30-minute workouts which include seven exercises in each, plus seven minutes in the cardio sections, all using seven movements; push, pull, squat, lunge, bend, twist, and walk or run.

The price of the programme includes a fit ball and pump, resistance tubes, three DVDs containing the workouts, a wall guide for ticking off workouts as you go, and also a guidebook containing Jess’ story, theory on the programme, tips, and a food nutrition guide.
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The Shift56 System - FINAL-1
All Systems Go
Leading fitness journalists, Joe Warner and Jon Lipsey, have released The SHIFT56 System – an eight-week guide to improving fitness, nutrition and wellbeing.

Having worked with model, singer and fitness buff Josh Cuthbert on the guide, the fitness experts present their tips on mindfulness, eating and exercising, as well as circuit-based workouts. The book’s three main features – a fat loss exercise plan, a flexible eating plan and a goal-setting journal – comprises of tips and insights for making small but beneficial lifestyle changes.
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