Gillian Holding

No Holds Barred

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Gillian Holding, a recent exhibitor at Sinai Synagogue, tells JLife all about life as a contemporary visual artist. Hi Gillian. Tell us about your recent exhibitions. After graduating from Leeds Metropolitan University [now Leeds Beckett University] in 2009, I was…

Daniel Abrahams

International Trader

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Daniel Abrahams is the CEO of, an award-winning global payments marketplace. Emma Steele finds out how his business is thriving thanks to crucial links with Leeds and Tel Aviv. The idea for was born out of personal pain…

Karen pic (2)

What the Best Schools Know

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Karen Titman, the deputy head of Gateways School tells JLife about the most effective learning methods. Chances are, from your own school days, you will have little or no memory of the volume of homework you did, the displays on…

Kate Anthony publicity - Anything Goes

Game of Roles

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From Game of Thrones to Coronation Street, Leeds-born actor Kate Anthony has become a familiar face on screen and stage. JLife’s Evangeline Spachis chatted to the London-based thesp. “I blame her and so do my parents,” jokes Kate Anthony, when…