It’s Spring Break!

By February 28, 2017Features-Manchester

Spend the spring holidays at some of Manchester’s finest attractions, perfect for the whole family.

Crystal Crazy

The 1990s are back! Create a team of eight and attempt to tackle Manchester’s version of The Crystal Maze, a live experience open to the public as a spinoff to the popular Channel 4 show. Test yourself with a range of quizzes and games, evaluating both mental and physical ability alongside the crucial skill of working together in a team. This is the perfect ingredient to ensure ‘Throwback Thursday’ fun for all.

Enjoy Industry


This year Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry offers a wide range of exhibitions in order to enlighten and entertain the whole family. With regular and free demonstrations such as The Revolution Show exploring how science and industry marry together, as well as specialised exhibitions exploring Wonder Materials: Graphene and Beyond (until 25th June), this educational and experimental museum ensures an early insight into the mechanics of Manchester society.

Wartime Wears


Manchester’s IWM North presents an insight into the world of both men and women’s fashion with the exciting and expansive exhibition focusing on Fashion on the Ration: 1940s Street Style, which runs until 1st May. Ranging from a vast number of uniforms worn by those serving in the armed forces to those hitting the Blitz-stricken streets, it will ensure an in depth and intriguing peek into the fashion of the times.

Petting Pals


For those who adore stroking rabbits and meeting hedgehogs, a day out at Cockfields Farm provides the ideal day for animal lovers. As well as providing rural themed equipment for little ones, the regular activities ensure a unique experience each and every day. Furthermore, the addition of the Cockfields Farm Aquarium allows exploration of a range of corals and fish, providing a rounded day of animal exploration!