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Jewish Child’s Day Israeli Trek 2019


After a successful Israeli trek in November 2018, Jewish Child’s Day is calling for new participants for the 2019 edition.


Jewish Child’s Day organised an amazing trek in Northern Israel last year in November, with 15 trekkers walking 60km.

The group walked the distance over three consecutive days – starting at Yesha Fort and walking to Alma bridge. The group also ambled down Mount Meron soaking up the amazing landscapes. At times, everyone felt both physically and mentally challenged, as no amount of preparation could have equipped the group for the rocky terrain, the high temperatures and the steep upward and downward slopes the group had to navigate.

The most memorable part though was being joined by children from one of the projects Jewish Child’s Day supports – Simcha Layeled – an organisation which is dedicated to improving the quality of life for thousands of disabled and seriously ill children in hospitals and rehabilitation centres throughout Israel.

A staggering £60,000 was raised which will go towards helping under privileged, sick and needy children in UK and Israel. One trekker said about the experience: “The highlight of the trek was the final day, when we walked with a group of young children with a range of physical disabilities that are supported by Simcha Layeled, one of the many projects that Jewish Child’s Day supports annually.

“As we walked, sang and picnicked with these fantastic children, the sheer look of determination on their faces as they face an upward struggle every day of their lives was truly heart wrenching.”

The charity is now taking bookings for its next trek which will take place 3rd – 7th November. The route will include three days walking along the historical Burma Road, seeing Limor Spring and visiting the national park, Sataf, walking the hills of Jerusalem and ending up in the Holy City itself, as well as meeting children from two projects that it supports.

For £350, you can reserve your place to be a part of the action-packed walking mission in aid of Jewish Child’s Day, helping children in need. Tips on raising sponsorship monies, training for the trek and a full itinerary will be offered in due course.


To find out how you can be part of the trek, contact Samantha Glazer on 020 8446 8804 or email