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Living the Dream

By September 30, 2015 March 23rd, 2016 Interviews-Leeds
Amy Harvey

Leeds-born Amy Harvey chats to JLife’s Sarah Nelson about making the move to LA in pursuit of her acting ambitions.


Sun, sea, and sand: the terms are the first that come to mind when any thoughts of the LA lifestyle emerge – but that’s not all the destination has become known for. It’s also been coined as the ‘city of dreams’, and with many of our favourite celebrity names having flocked there in a quest for stardom, it’s easy to see why. Following the line of famous footsteps is 23-year-old Amy Harvey, an aspiring actress who recently made the move from her home city of Leeds.


“It took me until now to do it and I’m already wondering why I didn’t move sooner. We all have talent and passion for a reason – it shouldn’t be wasted.”


Explaining how the decision came about, Amy said: “I started to look online at options, and LA is where the heart of the entertainment industry lies. My boyfriend was also considering moving to LA as he’s a music producer.


“I found TVI Actors Studio, applied, and later discovered that I’d not only been accepted, but awarded a scholarship for a course that started in August.”


Rather than being a spur-of-the-moment decision, for Amy, the opportunity has been a long time coming, and acting a long-term passion. She began honing her craft at a young age and carving her career on the stage and screen alike.


Discussing her favourite pieces of work she has thus far featured in, she said: “As far as TV goes, I would say my appearances in ‘The Foryste Saga’ and ‘Island At War’. Theatre-wise, it would have to be my degree show in which we had the privilege to perform in The Nuffield Theatre.”


Although still a relative newcomer to America, Amy has been quick to find her feet, and receive acclaim in her acting course too.


“My scene partner and I performed a scene from the movie ‘Revolutionary Road’ and gained fantastic feedback from our acting coaches and have also been noticed by an independent filmmaker looking for talent in LA.”


Given the competitive scale of the career path, it comes as no surprise that the budding actress has already encountered challenging pit stops along the way.


She said: “The tough aspects are the fierce competition this industry carries with it and the no after no I’ll probably have to face. It can also be very challenging when you’re playing a role that you feel disconnected from and finding that inner truth to give an honest performance.”


Despite upping and moving to an exciting new setting, Amy is still firmly tethered to her upbringing and Jewish roots. In particular, her grandparents, who have sadly passed away now, remain a strong influence.


Amy explained: “They were both Holocaust survivors and their story is absolutely my inspiration for chasing your dream and not letting anything get in your way, like it did for them.


“My papa (grandad) Waldemar Ginsburg was in concentration camps for seven years throughout the war and my granny for two. They spoke regularly at Beth Shalom in Nottingham, my papa wrote a book called ‘And Covno Wept’, and they were interviewed for TV and radio many times.”


She added: “It’s honestly a privilege to be their granddaughter, and if I have inherited even a smidgen of the strength they have as people, as well as my amazing mum and dad, I can conquer the world!”


It’s this attitude which Amy adopts when considering where she wants her acting aspirations to ultimately lead; the sky’s the limit, and she’s certainly in the surroundings that will help her reach it.


“This has been my life ambition for as long as I can ever remember and continues to be. I would love to be in a place where I’m requested for movies, and become a household name for my truthful portrayal of characters.”


To stay up-to-date with Amy’s progress, you can find her at, or follow her Twitter and Instagram accounts via @amyharvs1.