Making Headway

By June 1, 2016Features-Leeds

JLife selects some of the fantastic yarmulkes on offer at UK-based to get you ready for the big day…



A Day to Remember
This lovely suede yarmulke is made special with personalised printing to commemorate the Bar/ Bat Mitzvah. It is also ideal for weddings or Jewish events at home and at shul. The text of your choice is available in silver or gold, English or Hebrew.






You’re a Star
You can’t go far wrong with the revered Star of David for a yarmulke design. Classic and tasteful, there are plenty of patterns and colours to choose from. These suede and crocheted designs are popular, with one size fitting all.





Start Young
They may not be taking their Bar/ Bat Mitzvah just yet, but younger family members can observe the ritual too with this delightfully cute suede baby kippah embellished with Hebrew letters. Suitable for newborns and up to the age of three, it is finished with string or ribbon to keep it in place.



MiniLace_LRGLadies Day
Depending on the observances of your shul, girls celebrating their Bat Mitzvah can wear a yarmulke. However it is common practice for young women to wear a lace head covering at the Bat Mitzvah. These delicate white lace and ruffled head covers come with a bow and comb- everything you need for the big day.


And something a little different…

star wars kippot

Feel the Force
The force is strong with this one. Be the envy of all your friends with this Stars Wars-embossed yarmulke. Maybe don’t take your light saber into synagogue though…