New Year, New You

By March 16, 2016Features-Manchester

Reap the rewards of a healthy lifestyle and balanced mind with JLife’s round-up of must-attend fitness classes.



Considering its unwavering presence across media outlets and celebrity culture in recent years, it’s hard to avoid the popularity of Pilates – so why not give it a go yourself?


What especially makes the activity stands out is its mass appeal. It can help anyone and everyone; whether you are recovering after injury or surgery, or you want to improve your core strength, stability, flexibility, and stamina. The benefits also extend to experienced athletes eager to maintain their momentum.


At The Hale Pilates Studio, a selection of offerings are available to help better acquaint you with the tools for better posture, including Pilates matwork classes – ideal for beginners – and private reformer sessions, which can be tailored specifically around your concerns and goals. If you’re reluctant to attend on your own, in the semi-private reformer sessions, you can buddy up in the training and share the cost.





Israeli Dancing

For many, one of the major hurdles obstructing the upkeep of their fitness routine is boredom. To keep it at bay, opt for a more unusual approach to exercising, such as an Israeli dancing class.


Reflecting the shifting trends across Israel and elsewhere, the discipline boasts a combination of catchy, easy steps and unusual Middle Eastern music. In addition to traditional and not-so-traditional circle dances, it also now incorporates line dancing, while the music of choice is modern pop, both Israeli and from around the globe, including Latin.


Despite the initial intimidation you may feel when first walking into the class, witnessing the experienced movers, once you grasp the basic steps, it’s easy to follow.


The Israeli dancing classes are suitable for women of all ages and fitness levels, and the beginners class is structured to introduce the starting steps and enable you to progress smoothly.


Classes for beginners take place on Mondays at 7.45pm at the Bnei Akiva Bayit , 72 Singleton Road, Prestwich. Classes are £5 for adults and £3 for children aged 10-15.


Visit or call Dianne on 07941 382 740.





As a collaboration between socialising and enhancing fitness, guaranteed to keep both your heart rate and self-confidence levels up, it’s worth branching out in 2016 and trying your hand at Zumba.


The benefits of the fast-paced exercise are extensive – it provides a workout for the whole body, with the average person burning 600-1,000 calories per class. Its mood-boosting powers are formidable too, resulting in reduced stress, improved posture, and newly-formed friendships.


At Zumba International, overseen by Dianne Mehr who recently marked five years of teaching the classes, you can find a Zumba level that’s the best fit for you. The choices available include standard Zumba, Zumba low impact (perfect for those marking their first foray back into exercise), and Zumba and tone. First-timers are welcome to simply jump right into a class and follow along.


The Zumba International classes take place on Tuesday and Thursday nights at Sunnybank Community Centre, Sunnybank Road.


Visit or call Dianne on 07941 382 740.




Aqua Aerobics

If the prospect of a sun-filled getaway abroad is too far in the distance then don’t fret; you can still get your swimming fix elsewhere, and for health purposes as well!

Swim classes are an effective, enjoyable way to improve fitness, as well as being unrestrictive and suitable for a range of abilities.

At Total Fitness in Whitefield, with two excellent pools, you’re invited to reach for your swimwear and immerse yourself in a water-based workout.

In particular, the leisure club’s aqua aerobics classes are a fun way to refresh your fitness routine. Held in the small pool, they’re centred on aerobic-style moves to increase mobility and build muscular strength and endurance. The community atmosphere felt throughout and new bonds formed are added perks!