Your Post-Wedding Checklist

By March 16, 2016Features-Manchester
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One of the biggest days of your life is over but there is still plenty to do. Cue that all-important post-wedding checklist.


Change Your Name
A time-consuming but highly satisfying task once you see your married name in all its glory. Documents such as your driving license and passport will need updating, as well as household bills and bank accounts. Don’t forget about any social media accounts and email signatures you have too.


Say ‘Thank You’
Your wedding day would not be the same without the support and generosity of your guests, so remember to say thank you. Send a card, give them a call, treat them to a small gift – whatever you decide to do, remember it’s the little things that can make all the difference.


Create Memories
Photographs and videos provide a lasting memory of your wedding day. Ensure that you follow up with the photographer and/or videographer to order the photographs for your wedding album and any footage taken. Remember to order additional copies for family and friends to proudly display.


Make a Decision
You need to decide what you are going to do with your wedding cake, flowers and dress. Will you keep the cake topper and some of the cake or share it out among the guests? Will the flowers be used to brighten up your home or will you preserve your bouquet? Will you store your dress safely out of reach or will you pass it on for someone else to use?


Return to Store
If you opted to hire suits, bridesmaid dresses or even the wedding dress itself, they all need returning to store by the deadline provided. Will it be your job to collect all the items or will they be returned by the individuals themselves? Remember to check what the store’s policy is on returning damaged or stained goods.


Get What You’re Owed
Chances are you have secured a deposit on a number of items for your wedding. This can add up to a substantial amount, so don’t forget to follow up on any deposits you are owed once the items have been returned. Weddings are expensive events – don’t be left out of pocket.


Declutter Your Décor
The right finishing touches can make a wedding but once the day is over, they are not much use. If unused items can be returned, do so, or look to sell/hire your wedding décor. You might as well make some money and declutter at the same time.


Provide Feedback

Many businesses now enable you to leave feedback online about their service, so give credit where credit is due or provide constructive feedback. This will also help other couples who are in the process of planning their wedding and want genuine advice from people who have been in their shoes.


Enjoy Your Honeymoon

There is a lot to do post-wedding but enjoying your honeymoon should be at the top of your agenda. It is the perfect time for you and your partner to reflect on an amazing day together and recharge your batteries after all that hard work. Now to start planning your next adventure…