Simcha Inspiration

By January 3, 2018Features-Manchester
laura and hayley

It’s here! The Great Bar & Bat Mitzvah Northern Showcase arrives in Manchester to provide you with all you need and more for your family’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

With an entire industry dedicated to wedding fairs alone, it seemed to friends Hayley Lawson and Laura Goldman a tad strange that there was no event dedicated to the for Bar and Bat Mitzvah trade in the north.

So after getting together to do some extensive research, planning and brainstorming, The Great Bar & Bat Mitzvah Northern Showcase was born. The co-founders have curated a list of trusted and established vendors including event planners, photographers, videographers, caterers, makeup artists and hairdressers and more, to help your son or daughter’s party go off with a bang. The inaugural event at Manchester Marriott Victoria & Albert Hotel on 4th March will include free entry and refreshments for attendees and opens to the public at 11am until 4pm.

“We want to introduce people to experts who can help them get some party inspiration and have a really great time on their special day,” explains Laura, who has experience of planning and creating events for her local shul. In fact, Laura and Hayley’s friendship and business partnership was born out of an unfortunate time, as Hayley was scammed by an unscrupulous vendor in the run-up to her own son’s simcha and Laura stepped in to make sure the Bar Mitzvah could go ahead. It was around this time that the two realised there was a gap in the market for a fair that can advise families and help them choose trusted party providers in the north of England. There are even plans to turn it into a biannual event to help parents and guardians who may be putting together other events throughout the year.

Some of these events can get a bit stale, Hayley reckons: “So far, people have gone by personal recommendations and a lot of Bar and Bat Mitzvahs end up almost being exactly the same as the one the week before. By attending, hopefully families can go wild with a new theme, try new ideas or simply choose a great value yet talented DJ they might not have booked otherwise. It’s all about providing the choice, whatever the budget.”

And it’s about more than just ticking off the Mitzvah shopping list: “The event will have a real party atmosphere,” Laura continues, “We’ll have entertainers, refreshments provided by the hotel and fundraising for a local charity on the day too.”

As well as browsing for ideas for their own simcha, young and old alike are encouraged to come on down to sample the expertise available to rent and buy – The Great Bar & Bat Mitzvah Northern Showcase is destined to be the perfect way to get the whole family excited about their upcoming milestone event.

For more information, call 07976 024 777 or email