Spring Awakening

By March 30, 2017Features-Leeds
spring home style

Treat your home to a fresh look this spring. JLife speaks to two home style experts about how to revitalise your home.

With spring comes the irresistible temptation to give the home a complete makeover. As homes are being transformed during the traditional spring clean, and for Pesach of course, JLife asked two interior design experts for some helpful advice and tips to truly rejuvenate your living spaces for 2017.

anna grace davidson

Anna Grace-Davidson is an international interior design expert and designer, as well as founder of Graceguru.net, the positive lifestyle blog. Her interior design company, Anna Casa Interiors, has been featured in GQ, Vogue, Elle and Tatler. Anna shares her top tips for the perfect spring home.

It is that time of year again: time to break out of the cocoon of winter and welcome in the spring season. Spring isn’t just about the flowers blossoming, it is also the best time to reinvent your home by clearing out the old and welcoming a in a fresh, new and uplifting look.

When Greenery was announced as the Pantone Colour of the Year 2017, I knew it was going to be an exciting year ahead for interior design but it is also the perfect shade for spring that represents refreshment and revitalisation.

The Bare Accessories
Accessories are a creative yet easy way to alter the look of any room. Add a new piece of decor to make a statement for the season or keep it simple and classic with understated new items.

spring home style

Accessories in bright, colourful shades can add an uplifting energy, but if you’re not too keen on the bolder colours that come with the spring season, why not go for pastels? My favourite shades are on-trend colours such as Pale Daywood, Pink Yarrow, Hazelnut, Kale and Island Paradise.

Inside Out
Incorporate nature into your home for the season by displaying fresh flowers from your garden or local florist. This is an easy and versatile way to brighten up the atmosphere – flowers can liven up any room from the kitchen table, a hallway shelf display to a bathroom cabinet area. Regularly refresh the water and trim the stems of your flowers so that they can last long into the season.

In Broad Daylight
Just as you would change your wardrobe from winter to summer, we can make a similar change to our homes when spring arrives. With winter darkness well in the past, we can fully embrace the natural sunlight which truly gives that magical finishing touch to any home design.

Make the transition from heavy winter curtains and blinds and switch to sheer or linen curtains to let the light shine through. I would recommend going lighter with all of the fabrics in your home including upholstery and bedding, to create that fresh, light and airy feel. But if you are brave, add fun into fabrics and use the bright tropical prints for your cushions and or splash out on colourful butterfly wallpaper.spring home style

Personal Best
I believe your home should always be a reflection of you. Collect objects that inspire you and display them, whether it is photo frames, vintage mirrors unique pieces from your travels or even books. I love using a coffee table book of stunning photography as an accessory. Leave it open on a beautiful nature-inspired page which you can change often to update the look.



Mark Farmer Wright is the product development manager for Anglian Home Improvements, the British firm which has been at the forefront of the nation’s home style and improvements industry for 50 years.

As we head into the spring/summer season, new trends are blossoming and there is no better time to take a fresh approach to home improvement and interior design.

It seems today’s house proud homeowner is increasingly obsessed with snapping and sharing photographs of their home; and, when they are not doing this, they are pinning, liking and re-tweeting photographs others have posted. Design trends that once took years to work their way around the world now zoom across our radar with dazzling speed. Social media is having a huge influence on home styling, giving us instant access to an evolving host of concepts to pore over and draw inspiration from. More than ever, trends, inspiration and top tips are being driven by attitudes and responses to our changing world from the likes of Pinterest, Instagram and, to some extent, Twitter.

Mark Farmer-Wright

With so many sources for every day inspiration, what will excite style-conscious homeowners this season? Here are two key trends I predict will be hot property in home styling for spring/ summer 2017.

Distinguishing Features
Personalisation is set to define home décor this season. At Anglian, we are seeing the demand for even greater personalisation in how homeowners decorate their home.

On the colour front, white will continue to be less popular. Demand for sophisticated hues continues to grow – a look which complements a unique sense of style. And when it comes to window frames, sage green, grey and cream are set to be some of the key growth colours.

Good Nature

With the coming of the warmer months, ‘bringing the outside in’ will continue to gather momentum, with exotic escapism proving to be a home design must-have.

The blending of interior and exterior spaces is set to be one of the hottest trends with bi-fold doors in demand – and it’s easy to see why. As a nation of home lovers – and keen gardeners – it seems only right that the current trend for blending inside and outside spaces continues to be on the up. Not only do bi-fold doors look stunning, they bring natural light into the home and open up the property for easy access to the garden.


Focus on: Furnish & Fettle
Spring is here, and in this season of change, Furnish & Fettle, the Yorkshire luxury interior design firm has branched out into Harrogate and opened a brand new showroom in March 2017.

The new Furnish & Fettle showroom is situated at 10 Royal Parade, marking an exciting addition to the business which already boasts a showroom in the market town of Wetherby. The new 1,300 sq ft premises are in the former home of David Love Antiques in the Montpellier Quarter of the town and occupy the ground floor of a five-storey Victorian stone-faced building.

Glyn and Eleanor Goddard, owners of Furnish & Fettle, are proud to be unveiling this new showroom, especially after only taking over their first premises, previously James Brindley in Wetherby, in June 2016. Glyn said: “Opening our new showroom in Harrogate is a real testament to the whole team’s hard work and dedication. We are extremely lucky to have such a talented team of designers with exceptional design flair who appreciate the importance of understanding and delivering our clients wishes.”

Furnish & Fettle’s new Harrogate showroom has had an extensive re-fit to reflect the design company’s sophisticated sense of style. A striking entrance hall leads on to a relaxed design studio space where clients and designers can collaborate. Housing a huge library of fabric and pattern books, there is something to suit everyone’s taste and style. For those wishing to take away any smaller interior pieces, the front of the showroom showcases beautiful retail products, which will be sure to add style to any homeowner’s interior.

Furnish & Fettle aim to make creating magnificent interiors an easy and enjoyable process and their team of experts offer friendly and approachable advice. Their full interior design service comprises a complete overview of a client’s requirements and scheme from the layout and practicalities of a space to the colour and texture of the finer details. Alternatively, clients may wish to consult Furnish & Fettle’s expert designers on one particular area, such as bespoke blinds and curtains, paint and wallcoverings, or accessorising.