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Top Spring Cleaning Tips from Industry Experts

By February 17, 2020 Features-Leeds
Someone's house is spotless after implementing spring cleaning tips!

Spring is on the way, and what better time to give your home a refresh. Breathing new life into your interiors after the long winter can seem daunting, but our industry experts have some handy spring cleaning tips to make the process a breeze.

Our Experts Give Their Top Spring Cleaning Tips…

Ian Henderson | Interior design manager, I Love Wallpaper

To breathe new life into your home decor without spending precious time wallpapering and painting, consider framing prints to add some  character to your walls. From eclectic illustrations and typography, to beautiful iconic photography, framed prints can bring personality to a room and create a fantastic focal point.

Introduce more spring light into a living room with the addition of mirrors which will illuminate the room well while giving the appearance of a bigger area. Finally, jump on board the botanical decor trend for spring and invite greenery into your home with faux (or real!) foliage and leaf inspired soft furnishings. Potted green plants or your favourite flowers are the perfect home accessories for the lighter season.

Nicole Grey | Senior interior designer, Pavilion Broadway

Spring is a fresher and brighter time which casts light across perfectly organised and untidy areas in equal measure – something my spring cleaning tips take into consideration! Furniture that doubles as storage provides an ideal multifaceted space-saving solution. Your entrance hall is the first room the you see as you come home, so tidying coats and umbrellas using neat storage that looks smart takes the focus away from any clutter, while stylish boxes and baskets are great for  hiding away smaller items and children’s toys in the bedroom.

You can alter the feel of the whole room by updating accessories, so freshen up your interiors by changing those accent colours. Add pops of  colour with cushions, throws and a few well-chosen ornaments. A beautiful paperweight can even make unsightly piles of paperwork on your desk look neater.

Sean Evennett | Managing director, Bespoke Interiors

The kitchen can often be one of the biggest cleaning jobs throughout your home, especially if it has been used a lot over the holidays. One way to make cleaning it easier is to work in a systematic order, leaving your oven and cooker tops till last, as you don’t want to spread the dirt around the rest of the kitchen. A more effective and environmentally friendly alternative to paper towels is to use a machine washable microfiber cloth which won’t leave streaks on your beautiful worktops.

It’s easy for cooking accessories and utensils to build up throughout the year so having drawers assigned to specific items is a great way to stay organised – if you buy new knives, for example, remember to discard the old set, because they’ll only take up valuable space.

Jane Thompson | Founder, Jane Thompson Interiors

A symptom of modern life is that we are all surrounded by stuff – stuff we use, stuff we don’t use and stuff we don’t know why we have! Getting rid of useless clutter allows us to regain clean, clear spaces within our homes, helping a house to flow.

Once you’ve regained your original space, it’s time to start cleaning. Make a list of jobs and products needed and work from the top down. A feather duster with a long handle is useful in the hard to reach places and a steam cleaner is a great investment which can be used in both the kitchen and bathroom.

Make sure you pull out moveable furniture and clean areas where they stand. White vinegar diluted in water is a great way to clean wood surfaces without damaging the veneer. Always empty your vacuum after use for maximum efficiency and use static-free cloths to avoid damaging your electricals.

Most importantly, have a gin and tonic to reward yourself after these spring cleaning tips leave your house spotless!


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JLife’s Spring Cleaning Products of the Month…

Capsule Cordless Vacuum

Capsule, from new appliance brand Halo, uses carbon fibre to create the only cordless vacuum with the same capacity and power as a traditional fullsize upright cleaner, clocking in at half the weight.

Huntley Storage Hall bench for reducing clutter when spring cleaning

Huntley Storage Hall Bench

Huntley Storage Hall Bench

Providing a practical place for lacing shoes as well as storing them, this grey oak hallway storage bench from the Pavilion Chic range oozes traditional farmhouse style.

Your Bed Your Way

Bensons for Beds has created a stylish front opening double bed with twin motors which lift the frame electronically, offering easy access to spacious hidden storage.

Bensons For Bed double bed with extra storage to help your spring cleaning

Bensons For Beds

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