Spring into Action

By March 15, 2016Features-Manchester
spring break

JLife’s round up of boredom-busting activities across Manchester will put a smile on the whole family’s faces this spring break.


Second Nature


Spring may be upon us but with the remnants of winter’s chill lingering on, an indoor activity will always be an appreciated choice. And throughout the holidays – from 11am to 4pm – Manchester Museum is offering an inspiring solution, encouraging families to go along and witness a host of events.


The newly renovated Nature Discovery will especially be a point of intrigue in which children can lead their parents through an object exploration of the natural world. Those under five years will have the chance to search for creatures, produce fantastical stories based on the natural world and immerse themselves in a series of habitats. The on-site den provides a cosy area for reading and the meadow is filled with plants and butterflies for little ones to find.


Visit Museum.manchester.ac.uk.


Pedal Power


Quash all tendencies to waste away your days off in front of the TV by opting for a fitness-boosting exercise instead.


Since opening at the Manchester-based National Cycling Centre in 2011 – which is famed for being Britain’s first indoor Olympic cycling track – the BMX Track has proven an ideal venue for both amateurs and professionals who want to further tap into their bike racing skills.


Kids wishing to further their development can do so within the The BMX Youth Club or BMX Camp which, as well as harnessing key techniques, host skills award assessments at appointed times throughout the year. This will help pave the way for those eager to progress into club, regional or national level.


Visit Nationalcyclingcentre.com.


Into the Unknown


Budding explorers will be keen to fend off their boredom and seek out any adventures; and Mucky Knees has the perfect offerings to catch their attention.


The programme – which caters for all ages – operates alongside Rock Over Climbing to enhance outdoor instincts and instil new-found confidence. After signing up, attendees will learn to build a den, source fire wood and cook meals, alongside other nature-inspired activities. But beware; after the session, children will no doubt want to put their abilities on display, badgering you for a camping trip in the near future!


Visit Rockoverclimbing.co.uk.


Flying High

Just because you’re not travelling abroad this spring break doesn’t mean that you can’t still venture to the airport!


Manchester Airport’s Runway Visitor Park facilitates a unique, family-friendly day out. Raised viewing mounds are at hand to provide a clear view over the airfield, giving you a front row seat to the multiple take-offs; and with 600 aircraft movements predicted each day, there will definitely be something for kids to be captivated by. And you can easily curb their curiosity with a guided tour of the British Airways flagship Concorde.


Visit Manchesterairport.co.uk.


Jump at the Chance


As Europe’s largest indoor trampoline area, kids and adults will be guaranteed unrivalled high flying enjoyment at Jump Nation this spring break.


On entry, you’ll immediately be mesmerised by the scene; wall-to-wall trampolines are all attached together to form one huge park, being accompanied by angled ones forming the sides so that you can literally bounce off the walls.


In addition to the bounce park, the facilities provide rebounding fitness classes, an area for kids aged five and under, and a huge foam pit connected to the main park where you can practice your tricks! Meanwhile, anyone not feeling particularly adventurous can still go along and relax at Cafe Nation, sampling the homemade food while enjoying the fun from afar.


Visit Jumpnation.com.