Switch Off

By August 4, 2016Features-Leeds

JLife explores the trend for having at least one technology-free room in the home…

There seems to be a device or screen in every room these days. With TVs, tablets and mobiles to distract us, it can be good to find a place to switch off.

From formal living rooms to light-filled sunrooms, the trend towards technology-free spaces in order to encourage conversation and quality family time is on the rise. So, grab a book, turn off everything and take a seat with JLife’s selection of furnishings to style a safe haven from technology.


(Main picture)
WHAT: The Sofa
Take the world off your feet and settle in on this sofa, part of the DFS Quartz sofa collection. Designed by Tom Dyckhoff (pictured) ­– historian, writer and broadcaster on architecture and design – this bold piece is influenced by the 1950s and 1970s and refocuses the living room, bringing families together to relax.


Contrast Chess Table Walnut LB4WHAT: The Activity
HOW: Grab your thinking cap and try to keep family feuds to a minimum using this ornate walnut table which doubles as a chess podium.


Copper Reading Lamp



WHAT: The Lamp
HOW: A classic lamp works well in any room, but this one is particularly useful to generate softer lighting in a relaxing atmosphere, free from distractions.




Axel bookshelf rosewood


WHAT: The Bookcase
This contemporary bookcase, inspired by Scandinavian design, features shelving units of varying sizes that are perfect for displaying those must-reads you have always wanted to get around to.





WHAT: The Feature
Settle geographical debates the traditional way: instantly know your Barbados from Bahrain with this attractive globe from designer Ben de Lisi at Debenhams.