Tennis Take Over


It’s not always possible to be sat on Centre Court, watching the action as it happens. Luckily, JLife’s Issie Levin has some ideas about how to celebrate Wimbledon in style without having to venture to the capital…

Every summer we experience tennis fever, and we all envy the glory and glamour of Wimbledon. While in the capital, whether you are lucky enough to be in the upper echelons of the Royal box or camped out on Murray Mound, we all crane our necks and squeeze into position to get the best view of the courts. However, while it’s amazing to be able to be there, Wimbledon can still be experienced without queuing for hours, strategic pre-booking, shelling out hundreds of pounds, or being a celebrity. This guide aims to enlighten you on how to experience the world-famous tennis tournament without actually being there.

Visit a screening
Across the UK, particularly in city centres, the tennis is being streamed on large screens for crowds who couldn’t quite make it to Wimbledon. Not only will the experience be more affordable, but far more accessible, with areas such as Millennium Square in Leeds and and First Street in Manchester getting in on the tennis-broadcasting action, and large numbers of people will bask in the glory together. So quickly search online and find out where your nearest screening is and embrace the community feel and unification of people due to Wimbledon’s splendour.

Party time!
If you don’t think a screening is suitable then why not host a garden party? Grab the bunting, whip out the old picnic blanket and prepare a few nibbles and sandwiches for your guests. Crack open the Champagne and pop open the Pimm’s! Well…you and your guests may want to wait until the outcome of Murray’s matches; however there are often times when there is no need for an excuse for a celebration and Wimbledon is certainly one. This is the perfect way to enjoy the tennis with loved ones without the obligatory silences or the extortionate prices.

Summery strawberries
Strawberries – with cream of course! Wimbledon wouldn’t be complete with the classic fruit, so pick up some fresh, locally sourced strawberries and whip up some double cream. This staple will see you through to the nail-biting final, whether hosting a small soiree at the house or attending a screening.

Finally, and most importantly, enjoy the tennis, wherever or whatever you chose to do! We’ve already been incredibly lucky with the excellent performances that the professionals have provided. So, sit down and bathe in the ambience and (fingers crossed!) sunshine.