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Tips for Starting a New School

By September 4, 2015 March 9th, 2016 Blog-Leeds, Blog-Manchester

Beginning a new educational adventure this month? Overcome those nerves and shed any stress with JLife’s easy advice.

Be Prepared

A great way to ease any nerves is to gauge an insight into what’s in store for you, so ensure that you’re as prepared as possible. Before the first day, go on a shopping haul and stock up on all the school supplies and materials required. A lot of schools now provide a handy list of essentials, but if yours doesn’t, why not take it upon yourself to ask? Avoid the morning rush by having an organised evening the night before too. Lay out your uniform, pack your schoolbag, and fill the fridge with items for your packed school lunch. You’ll be grateful for the forward thinking when the alarm rings the following morning!



Confidence is Key

Waving goodbye to what you’re used to and stepping beyond the boundaries of any comfort zone is understandably a daunting process, especially when you’re not entirely sure of what to expect next. The best way to beat the fear is to adopt a positive perspective and exude confidence, regardless of whether you’re feeling it or not. Fortune favours the brave so relax, smile, and be yourself – and remember that others are in the same situation as you. You’ll be making new friends in no time!



Next Question

From navigating brand new corridors to making sense of complicated timetables, areas of uncertainty will inevitably arise as you begin the new school year. Questions are necessary and welcomed – be it to teachers or passing students – so don’t feel like you have to hold back. Additionally, questions can act as ideal icebreakers when interacting with new people, creating a comfortable environment and easy route for getting to know one another.



Out and About

Don’t underestimate the importance of the social elements of school life; make a point of researching the school’s offering of after-school clubs and find out whether anything complements your hobbies. As well as being fun, you’ll be presented with the opportunity to engage with friends who you otherwise mightn’t meet within the walls of the classroom. Just be careful not to take on too much at once and become overwhelmed with commitments – stick to what truly captures and maintains your interest.