Your Wedding Gift List

By March 16, 2016Features-Manchester

Take charge and create your own gift list so you can be sure to receive wedding gifts you actually want.


It is tradition for guests to buy the newlyweds a gift but if you are not specific about what you want, you could end up with items you already own, or do not want.



Keep things simple for you and your guests by setting up your own personalised gift list.  This allows you to control what your guests buy, safe in the knowledge that it is something you will be wanting.



Setting up a gift list is now a relatively simple process done directly through your chosen store/company. Your guests won’t even have to step foot outside to purchase your gift, as it is all done online and posted directly to you. Do not forget to let your guests know that you have created a gift list for them to use and how to access it.



When comprising a gift list, think about what it is you really want and more importantly, need. Well-known stores such as Debenhams, House of Fraser, Argos and The White Company all offer a gift list service but if you want something a bit different, take a look at these wedding gift list ideas…


For the Couple Who Want a Contribution to Their Wedding
Some wedding suppliers now allow guests to contribute toward the cost of their service; ideal if you are planning a wedding on a budget or do not wish to receive a mountain of unwanted gifts. An example of this is a wedding photography gift list; your guests simply make an online donation toward the cost of your wedding photography that could be used for your wedding album.



For the Couple Who Want a Gift List Personal to Them
If you really want to create a wedding list that is personal to you as a couple, whether it be items to adorn the walls of your home or luxury objects to treat yourself to, then head to a store which offers something away from the norm. Many stores have an online wedding gift list creator where you can choose items from their store, create your own online space and advertise the gift list to your guests.



For the Couple Who Want to Give Something Back
As silly as it sounds, your wedding gifts do not have to be for you. You could instead set up a gift list with a charity and let your guests donate their money where it is needed most. You can still control where the money goes by creating your own list and choosing from gifts such as ‘chickens’, which will help a family start their own business rearing chicks and selling eggs to pay for everyday essentials.



For the Couple Who Want to Explore the World
Make your wedding gift list one you won’t forget by asking your guests to contribute to an once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon. The luxury holiday specialists, Kuoni, can facilitate this. As exclusive partners of the John Lewis gift list, you can add your holiday to this or set up an online Kuoni gift list directly with them. Your guests will be thrilled that they have contributed to an experience that you can enjoy together as a couple.