Wedding Wishes

By January 30, 2018Features-Leeds
dont desert desserts

Fall head over heels for these top trends taking over the wedding industry this year.

violet love
1. Violet love
As you may have already noticed if you have been flicking through this edition of JLife, the colour Ultraviolet is taking off in a big way, both in interior design and in fashion. The trend has burst onto the wedding scene too, as loved-up couples are predicted to choose this bold, intense colour to accentuate a chosen scheme for the special day.

Last year’s colour of the year was Greenery, meaning that wedding planners opted for green decor on tablescapes, installations and bouquets, but Ultraviolet means that more floral inspired decorations and accessories are bound to take hold for most of 2018.

dont desert desserts
2. Don’t desert desserts
Choosing alternatives to the traditional (and quite boring, if the leftovers are anything to go by) wedding cake is still expected to be a big priority for wedding planners and soon-to-be spouses this year. Rather than having one big cake, creating a spread of smaller treats like cupcakes, macaroons or doughnuts are remaining popular, so why not go for favourites like cheesecake or meringues in 2018? This way, everyone gets to enjoy their personal favourite and a display table filled with delicious treats is always a sight to behold!

3. Copper feel

Sorry guys, but according to the experts, the rose gold trend is coming to an end. This year, it’s copper that will be the metallic must-have for weddings. This industrial look is a relatively cheaper alternative and works well for those who wish to include accessories like lanterns or tea light holders on the tables or during the ceremony itself.

4. Variety is the spice of life
Getting the food right is one of the biggest challenges you can face, after all there are so many tasty creations and caterers to choose from. Instead of the usual three-course set menu of old, wedding food is evolving. Big sharing plates or food vans, mobile bars and portable pizza ovens are still the way to go for couples who want to shake up how their guests experience the day. Food from around the world remain a popular choice, while traditional fayre like fish and chips are making a comeback in the form of canapes for those post-ceremony, pre-party hunger pangs.

throw weddings not stones
5. Throw weddings, not stones
Pippa Middleton’s recent nuptials may be to blame for this one, but having your ceremony or party in a glasshouse or transparent marquee is predicted to be another unavoidable trend for 2018.

With views of your wedding venue and the opportunity to accent the space with beautiful foliage, these light bright spaces are great for couples who want a minimalist or Scandinavian vibe.

6. Great and small

The flowers often make a significant dent in the wedding funds, and bouquets and buttonholes are a major part of that. After all this is the arrangement that will be in many of your wedding photos and will be adorned on the bridal and groom parties too.

Wedding experts have predicted that the time for smaller, daintier, posy bouquets is now, with selections such as lily of the valley, peonies, hyacinth, myrtle, sweet pea, astilbe and freesia now making the cut.

Neon wedding signage from Leeds-based prop hire company, Add Vintage.

Neon wedding signage from Leeds-based prop hire company, Add Vintage.

7. Get on with neon
Big illuminations and displays have become a regular feature of events, from weddings to Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, for a while now, but neon lighting is finally coming back into its own. Neon lights are a favourite of the trendy Instagram-er, so if you want your wedding to be on the cutting edge, then bright, neon signage is the way to go.

8. International velvet

Velvet isn’t for everyone, but if it’s your idea of luxury, velvet is a versatile, plush material that works for everything from the wedding party outfits to the table décor. If your budget can’t allow for much of this strokable texture, why not try including a simple velvet ribbon to the bouquets or buttonholes, or add velvet pockets squares to the suits?

9. Floor them with a floral chuppah
Foliage and flowers are definitely in right now, so why not transform the traditional Jewish chuppah with some carefully chosen flora? Whether you want to bring the beauty of the outside in or want to complement your outdoor ceremony’s surroundings, combining beautiful blooms or shrubbery into the ceremony is a beautiful way to reinforce the messages of renewal and eternal love in the Jewish wedding vows.

10. Don’t lose your marbles
Marble is another material that is set to be immensely popular this year as it’s already back in our kitchens and in our restaurants too. But it’s not a look to everyone’s taste, nor is it cheap! For the table settings, marble goes great with the previously mentioned copper.