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5 Bathroom Hacks to Make Your Bathroom Pop Without Breaking The Bank.

Large Scale Prints

Big, bold florals, large leafy patterns or major abstracts or graphics are all good choices. They create a focus and introduce a pop of colour.


Living plants make bathrooms more pleasant places for users, improving the decor and air quality. And bathrooms can be good environments for plants, too. A bathroom is typically a warm, humid room that provides the perfect environment for plants.

Fresh Towels and Bathmat

Changing your towel and bathmat colour / design is an easy way to alter the look of your bathroom regularly without breaking the bank. You could even have a couple of different sets so that your bathroom has a different vibe each week.

Large Mirror

Having a large mirror in your bathroom can give the room a larger, more open feel whilst bouncing any natural light around the room to give a airier feel. Equally, if you haven’t got any natural light in your bathroom, a large mirror can create a more open feel.

Shelving with small accessories

Put decorative items on the shelf top, things like toilet paper and hand towels in the baskets, and more things to hang. If you place this unit on a free wall rather than above the toilet, you can use the hooks for hanging bathrobes or towels.