1. Apple Picking:

The Rosh Hashanah holiday falls sometime between early September and late October, depending on the way the two calendars align. It’s the new school year and the beginning of Autumn, a great time to go apple picking. Apples are the main symbol of the holiday, as they represent new beginnings and our hopes for a sweet new year.

Visit: http://www.pickyourownfarms.org.uk/yorkshire_pyo.php for Yorkshire, or http://www.pickyourownfarms.org.uk/uknorthwest_pyo.php for the North West.

2. Bake Sweet Treats:

Make sweet memories that last a lifetime, On Rosh Hashanah, you dip apples in honey, but can also bake treats like homemade apple sauce, honey cake, candied carrots, and Tzimmes,  a traditional sweet dish baked with sweet potatoes, carrots, honey, brown sugar, and orange juice. Perhaps you have your own traditional family recipe?

3. Set a Special Holiday Table:

Make a homemade kiddush cup, flameless candle holders, a challah cover or beaded napkin rings   to set the picture-perfect family holiday table. You can use the same decorations for your Simchat Torah, and Sukkot meals in the weeks to come.

4. Make your own Shofar:

You will need: 3 toilet paper rolls per horn, a party horn, masking tape, glue, paintbrush, scissors, and white and brown paint.

  • Cut all the way across one roll lengthwise.
  • Remove fringe or cardboard from the party horn so you are only left with the plastic noise maker.  Wrap the cut cardboard tube around the plastic noisemaker.
  • Fasten cardboard to plastic noisemaker securely with masking tape.
  • With the other two rolls fold the edge to make a pleat in the bottom side. You are making the bottom small enough to fit inside another roll. This will give the Shofar a nice curve.
  • Place the tubes inside each other.
  • Papier Mache the toilet paper rolls with long strips of paper and a mixture of equal parts water and glue (use can also use equal parts flour and water). If you want to forgo the mess, simply wrap the toilet paper rolls with masking tape.
  • Allow the Papier Mache to dry completely. Paint with white paint. While white paint is still wet, sponge on some bits of brown and mix and smudge lightly to give the horn “realistic” colour and dimension.

5. Cast Your Apologies and Resolutions onto the Water:

It’s easy for even the youngest kids to grasp the symbolism of throwing away old grievances or things you may have done to wrong someone else. Some families throw a small piece of bread for each thing they are asking forgiveness for. Others use their bread for making resolutions.