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As many of us see friends, family, and co-workers in person for the first time in months makeup is once again becoming an important part of our everyday lives. But exactly which products should you be using?


With life hopefully set to get increasingly back to normal in the coming months, makeup is just one of the things many of us will be re-introducing back into our lives. The UK is looking forward to a spring and summer of ever-loosening restrictions, and more and more social events being allowed. Whether for the first day back at the office after an eternity of working from home or that long-awaited day out with friends, nailing the perfect make-up look is a must.

With masks becoming a common part of daily life, it’s all about eye makeup. With the mouth and nose often concealed by a mask, eyes are a focal point. After the gloom of winter, bright colours and berry tones are making a reappearance to welcome in the (hopefully!) warmer weather. From the return of smoky eye and the rise of the 80s glow aesthetic, dramatic eyeliner and eyeshadow combos are drawing attention away from masks and glitter abounds like we’ve jumped back into the 90s.

Here are some of our top product picks to liven up your eye makeup this spring.


Ps Masterclass 24 Shade Flame Eyeshadow Library Palette

A bright and extensive palette with 24 different colours and a variety of both matte and glitter eyeshadows difficult to come by for a good price, but this one from Primark is a steal. Its brand colours and shimmery shine are perfect for getting that throwback 80s glow.



Precisely, My Brow Pencil

Benefit has been long established as the must-have brand for brows. It’s 12-hour lasting, top-selling brow pencil allows for realistic looking brows with its ultra-thin tip and comes in 12 different shades to suit any skin and hair colour.



Kiko Blush Palette

Blush might not technically be eye make-up, but it frames the face and draws attention to your fancy new eyeshadow or flawless wings. No look is complete without it! This palette from TK MAXX has a variety of shades to suit every skin tone, as well as a silky-smooth finish.



Autograph Luminosity Radiant Skin Concealer

Concealer is a must for covering up those little imperfections and hiding dark under-eye circles. With a brush tip for easy and precise application, this concealer from M&S is perfect for those on the go. It’s also available in two different shades to give a flawless cover to everyone.

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