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By February 2, 2015 March 23rd, 2016 Features-Leeds
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On a budget? Avoid unnecessary costs and add a personal touch with JLife’s DIY inspiration for wedding planning.


Making Life Easier

When it comes to the organisation of weddings, the costs can swiftly pile up – so cut corners where and when you can.


Save-the-date cards are crucial for not only giving guests warning, but building momentum for the nuptials from the very beginning. As the invitations are to follow at a later stage, it’s best setting aside money for those and scaling back here. Borrow a Polaroid camera, take some giggle-worthy images of the two of you and jot down the information on the bottom before sending them out.


Instead of ordering a specialist seating board, why not opt for a couple of quirky blackboards and chalk? They will add character, and any last minute cancellations on the day can be amended hassle-free!


Asking your bridesmaids to stand by your side is a special moment that’s worthy of turning into a creative event. A lot of people now mark the task with personalised items, such as jewellery, but if you don’t want to splurge then a keepsake box can be just as – or even more – sentimental. Put together an ’emergency kit’ for each of your choices, comprising blister bandages and other funny extras that will see them through the celebrations. They won’t be able to say no!


Dream Decor

Gone are the days when decor was paramount to creating a polished look at weddings as due to the popularity of shabby chic, perfection isn’t necessary. It’s all about distressed, carefree finishes; which you can easily put together yourself on a budget.


Wide-mouthed mason jars are money-friendly centrepiece saviours! Simply place three on each table filled with your items of choice, ranging from shells and flowers to sweet treats.


Paper chains are also a key way to crafting a rustic-inspired, country wedding theme. Research templates online and rally together your nearest and dearest to help. You can even display your favourite passages and songs; photocopy the text onto coloured cards, cut out the shapes and then string them together with thread. Dangling behind the cake stand or tables, they’ll certainly set the scene.


So often, inspiration for decorating comes from the least expected place – your own home! Have a rummage around and see what you can put to use. For example, any old brooches will make eye-catching alternatives to napkin holders. And for lighting, why not utilise the unwanted tea cups in the cupboard? Purchase wax from the craft shop, pour into the cups and add candle wick. Allow drying time and then spread them around the venue, yielding colourful and impressive results.


A Little Something

The easiest place to tighten spending during the wedding planning process is the favours. Nobody expects extravagant gifts and therefore rather than reaching out to shops, homemade items will be an appreciated replacement.


One way to make the memories of the occasion linger with your guests is through the use of a memory stick. You can load them with sentimental songs and images. The personal effort will go a long way.


When ideas are difficult to come by, relating the wedding’s season into the favours leads to success. For example, family and friends braving the winter cool will be grateful to receive a prettily packaged hot chocolate and tea parcel. They can whip them up the next day when recounting their favourite moments.


Conjuring up unusual favours will be all the more fun if you try incorporating your talents. Those with green fingers might want to assign each attendee a miniature plant pot already filled with soil and a plant seed of choice. Attach their name and it can double as a place card.