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Brodetsky benefits from emergency European COVID funding to see the school through uncertain times ahead.

Brodetsky Primary School is one of 13 educational institutions across Europe to benefit from an international emergency fund established to help them survive the effects of the pandemic.

The Moor Allerton school has been selected by London-based philanthropic organisation, Educating for Impact (EFI), to benefit from the European Jewish Community Day School Crisis Fund, a funding pot worth €2.3 million, and is the only school in England to do so.

As part of a five-year enrichment programme, the school is set to receive £5,000 this year for play equipment and further match funding to support fundraising efforts.

Jason Broch, chair of governors and Susy Hardacre, executive headteacher, said: “Throughout the Covid crisis, EFI and the family of international schools have been a great support network which has seen us being able to provide continuous virtual education for the majority of our school through the lockdown closure period. All our primary school children were supported with an average of two lessons through Zoom per day as well as access to a multitude of online resources. Alongside this programme, we hosted several school family events and birthday parties delivered virtually into people’s homes.”

EFI is a non-profit organisation that works to promote strategic change in Jewish schools and strengthen Jewish communities in Europe. The fund has been set up alongside two external funders as the economic impact of the COVID-19 threatens faith schools across the continent.

Ronald Lauder, honorary president of EFI’s board of trustees, said: “Now more than ever, it is our responsibility as Jews to support Jewish communities in Europe by investing in their schools, which will guarantee their future. We must be particularly steadfast in that commitment during times of crisis. Historically, we have been able to overcome the greatest challenges by supporting each other and working together.”