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A Glimpse At The New Issue of JLife Leeds…

By January 30, 2018 January 31st, 2018 Blog-Leeds

Inside your JLife February/ March 2018…

  • Top Wedding Trends and Fashion Picks
  • Romantic Valentine’s Day Inspiration
  • In the Village – Chapel Allerton
  • Purim
  • Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea Ideas
  • Half-term Fitness and Fun
  • Latest Education News and Revision Tips
  • Food & Drink, Arts, Travel and Business
  • Community News, Features, Events and Interviews
  • Two Terrific Competitions!


Top Wedding Trends and Fashion Picks
There’s not a wedding bell within earshot, only the jubilant sound of a wine glass shattering underneath the shoe of a smiling bridegroom. Yes, as the weather warms up, and spring beckons us towards what we always hope will be a glorious summer, wedding season is once again soon upon us.

Learn all about the latest wedding trends for ‘The Big Day’, and uncover the hottest fashion picks heading up Spring /Summer 2018.

What will you be wearing as the happy couple tie the knot and the celebratory chairs glide high around the Simcha Hall? If it’s your big day which is on its way, then browse our latest issue to view our pick of various venues, wedding planners and finishing touches to what should be one of the most memorable and important days of your life.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Inspiration
As far as it is known, Cupid the Hellenistic deity of love never went on archaic, iconic ITV game show ‘Bullseye’, but if he had have done, perhaps he would have a hit treble twenty to shouts of “one hundred and eighty!” Darts and arrows aside, Valentine’s day is fast approaching and JLife is here, (should you need it of course) to help inspire you with your grand romantic gestures or sweet little nothings this February 14th.

Delve inside the magazine’s sheets to discover a tempting array of romantic gifts, from the tried and tested traditional tokens of love, to a revival of ancient sentiments with an ultra-modern twist, as well as luxurious places to relax together in comfort and style.

JLife In the Village – Chapel Allerton
Chappie. Chapel ‘A’. Both of these colloquialisms are affectionate localised nicknames for an area of North Leeds which has seen a series of slowly evolving gentrified changes since the turn of the century. Originally a ‘Grange’ or monastic manorial outpost of Kirkstall Abbey during the medieval period, one of Leeds’s favourite ‘It’ places has been busy growing over the millennial period.

Once a hotchpotch of farmsteads, by the close of 1800s it had metamorphosised into a rural second home retreat for some of Leeds’ wealthiest elite, being on the outskirts of the foul smelling, heavily polluted industrial behemoth that the cloth city had begun to grow into all those centuries ago. In 1767 it was hailed as the“ Montpellier of Yorkshire“. Back in those days of rural idyll the village played host the entertainments of a bowling green, a race course and even a gallows for those who didn’t play by the rules, all of which sadly, or perhaps with relief, are no more.

But what is there to discover in Chapel Allerton in 2018? Our feature, Chapel of Change focuses on the most recent independent business developments in this corner of LS7. It introduces the newest shops to have sprung up along the nucleus of The Harrogate Road, including a children’s book shop and café, ‘The Little Bookshop’, adding to the ‘one stop shop’ area for convenient family orientated local shopping. Additionally in the zeitgeist of the times there are culinary craft shops including a delicatessen counter in the popular cheesemongers ‘George & Joseph’ as well as new microbar ‘Wayward Wines’ which sells a comprehensive range of bottled drinks and beverages. Find out much more in the new issue.

And there’s more…
If that’s not enough the January/ February edition is bursting with an insightful,  personal piece by Rabbi Aaron Stroh on the ‘Festival of Lots’, Purim which runs from 28th February ending the evening of 1st March. Oh – and there’s Hamentashen and graggerim.

We also have Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea Ideas, half-term Fun and Fitness, the latest Education News and Revision Tips, Food & Drink Galore, Arts, Travel and Business. Keep up to date with local issues in our Community News, inform yourself through our Features, and get out your diary for our Events. To seal the deal we have and interviews with best-selling author Charles Harris, and Naomi Dickson of the charity Jewish Womens Aid. There are also two terrific Competitions which you must enter to be in with a chance of winning goodies including kosher cook Paula Shoyer’s new book which offers a new take on Jewish cuisine, and a fantastic giveaway courtesy of Village Hotel Leeds North which has just undergone a £700,000 refit.

We are now hard at work on the March and April edition of our Leeds Magazine, which will be packed with news, reviews, and interviews, plus exciting events  for the weeks which lay ahead. If you have any community stories which you would like featured in the issue, just  drop  a quick email to and we’ll be in touch at the clang of gragger!