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How to Host the Best Virtual Wine Tasting Party.

Whether it’s at home with your partner or virtually you can host the best wine tasting party going. You can even adapt this to celebrate Valentines Day!

Wine and Theme.

First, choose a theme and buy the wine, this is the fun part! Maybe you’ll feature a line up of global Cabernet Sauvignon or sparkle the night away with bottles of bubbly to French Champagne.


Once you’ve selected your theme, you can work out between you and your guests how much you need between you and head to the shops, or even order online to maintain social distancing for your wine tasting event.


Time for the food options, now we have to warn you, don’t make the mistake of having lots of wine on offer with no food to soak it all up. Remember, you’re throwing a wine tasting event, not throwing up!

Depending on your ideal budget for the occasion, you could consider ordering from a local restaurant or if you’re a whizz in the kitchen you could take on the cooking or perhaps throw together a little grazing board full of delicious meats and cheeses to compliment your wine tasting event perfectly.


It’s a great idea to get each guest at the party to learn some facts about the wine in their glass and share the stories behind the bottle, from real people, histories, places, global cultures and traditions. All interesting things you can learn whilst tasting the delicious grapes of the world.

Get Creative!

If you have a printer, or even if you don’t you can look at making a wine tasting template, where you and your virtual guests can score each wine on its clarity, scent, taste, acidity, finish, body, you name it, followed by an over all score and any comments. You can then compare thoughts and sift out an official winner, which you could then use as the wine of your next dinner party when you can finally reunite with your beloved friends and family.