How To Unwind On An Evening

By November 15, 2018 Blog-Leeds, Blog-Manchester

Difficultly trying to unwind after a long day can be physically and mentally taxing. To help your body and mind rejuvenate, here are JLife’s top tips to help set the tone for a relaxing evening…


Cut out the coffee
Your choice of beverage before bedtime has a direct bearing on finding peace at night.

If you’re having trouble drifting off to sleep, rather than turning to caffeine (a known beverage to heighten irritability, anxiety and a lack of sleep), why not try an alternative pick-me-up?

Chamomile has long been consumed to promote relaxation and makes the perfect bedtime beverage for a good night’s sleep. To get the full benefits of the natural remedy, let it brew for the recommended amount of time.


Pamper yourself
It’s important to reward yourself with some much-needed TLC at the end of a hectic day, and what better way to wash away the tension other than a nice soak in the tub.

Use calming aromas to help shift your mood into a relaxed state whilst steaming away the stress. Try using scented bubble bath, muscle soak or light a candle.


Dim the lights
Before going to bed, start turning down the lights or switch to a softer lighting source such as fairy lights or a bedside lamp.

Candles are a great way of creating a calming ambiance and various aromas help shift your mood. Lavender is the most well-known scent for restoring calmness and relieving nervous tension.


Achieving the perfect work-life balance can become challenging if you take your phone to bed every night.

By turning your phone off, or setting it to do not disturb if it’s your alarm clock, you’ll be less inclined to have a quick check of your emails.

Regardless of how you choose to unwind,  thinking about work outside of the office makes it difficult to feel fully relaxed and focus on your wellbeing.


Write out your worries
Noting down any worries that are rearing in your head before getting into bed can be therapeutic and might even assist in finding a solution.

It’s important to avoid bottling up any problems, and down on paper, your worries may even appear less daunting.


Put your feet up and enjoy a relaxing evening.