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Spring is on its way, is your garden ready?


We are just a few days away from the official start of spring and with these top tips, you can get your garden ready in no time.

The Big Clean Up

It’s important when preparing to get your garden ready for spring to start a big clean-up. Deadhead those unsightly flowers, pick up and get rid of any dead leaves and foliage before they grow any unwanted bacteria that good infect your plants. Cleaning up your garden can also include your patio area. If you have a jet wash, give the paving a good clean down and pull any moss out of any cracks, and have a good sweep up.

Lawn Care

Now is the best time to look at racking your lawn and treating it with some lawn feed ready for fresh garden grass this spring. Get rid of any debris including leaves, sticks, and bark to allow your lawn to have full potential this spring.


Clearing up all the organic waste in your garden means you have a solid base for great compost. Add all the waste to your composter and begin to turn over every 2-4 days. If you’ve been working on this over winter you’ll find the bottom layer is a great mix for spreading over your flower beds.

Looking After Your Garden Furniture

Before the weather turns sunny you may want to consider brightening up your garden furniture. Anything plastic can be scrubbed clean with a good amount of warm soapy water. Anything made of wood will need a good scrub, clean, and re-sealed with good wood oil.