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Leeds Eruv Given Green Light

By July 27, 2020 August 4th, 2020 Leeds Community News

The Leeds Eruv has been granted full planning permission. The committee is now taking steps to raise funds and commission the works required to install the necessary poles, wires and fencing.

The Leeds Eruv Limited is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee which has been formed to deliver the project. The proposed Leeds eruv covers a large area comprising Alwoodley, Moortown, Meanwood, Lidgett Park and Chapel Allerton, and is devised to make maximum use of natural boundaries and minimise the number of poles. The vast majority of the eruv will be designed using existing infrastructure and where there is a gap in the boundary, tall thin poles will be installed with a fine clear nylon cord connecting them, all designed to be as unobtrusive as possible.

An eruv is a notional boundary which allows a large area to be treated as a single domain, allowing Orthodox Jews to carry objects and use pushchairs and wheelchairs on Shabbat. Where the elderly and parents of young have previously been housebound, the Leeds Eruv will provide a simple but transformational solution.