Elmhurst Windows.

Keep your meat to yourself this Valentine’s Day, with our selection of quirky plant-based gifts – all 100% vegan.

Pocket Pal Heatable Avocado

Is there anything your millennial lover enjoys more than a good avocado? Pocket Pals are fully microwaveable hand warmers infused with lavender to keep your loved one toasty, and perhaps more importantly, smelling great.



Mister & Mrs Plant Set

This dynamic plant pot and spritzer duo with adorable illustrated faces will bring joy to any windowsill, shelf or desk. A monochrome match made in heaven, this would be the ideal gift for any green-thumbed couple.




Bid farewell to the days when your partner berates you for forgetting to move their plants on and off the windowsill while they’re gone. This six-legged robo-planter will carry their precious house shrubbery towards the sunlight and throw tantrums if you don’t water it, so they don’t have to.



I Love You Message Beans

If it’s meant to bean (sorry), show them you’re serious with this grow-your-own bean gear. For those in it for the long haul, this grow kit contains everything you need to let your love beans flourish, which when fully grown, will magically say ‘I love you’.



Hunks Mini Planters

Add some much-needed humour to your other half’s slightly pretentious terrarium with four botanical bodybuilders flexing their bulbous biceps among their foliage. Or you can just see them as miniature personal trainers – a cheeky reminder to take care of your plants and yourself!