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At Home Life Hacks Every Adult Should Know.

If you are having an evening scroll and you have stumbled across this post, you’ve landed in the right place.

Here we have pieced together some life hacks to make your everyday life that little bit easier.


Bored of your living space and fancy a move around but don’t want to be left with those unsightly indentations in your carpet? Place ice cubes into the dents and watch the carpet slowly rise back.

Use un-opened bars of soap inside your draws to keep all clothing smelling fresh.

If you are unable to open a jar, hold it upside down, tilt it to a slight angle and give a solid tap on the edge of the lid and watch it easily untwist.

Spilt wax on the carpet? Place some brown baking paper on top of the dried spill then heat with an iron on a medium temperature, ensure you keep the iron moving so you don’t burn the carpet and watch the baking paper soak up the wax. You can also remove candle wax from furniture with an ice cube!

Polish your furniture with essential oils for a glorious shine and beautiful scent.

Remove small scratches on your furniture with toothpaste.

Use your hair dryer to get crayon stains off your walls, simply heat the area with the hair dryer and wipe away the stain with a soft cloth.

If you’ve peeled a label off a jar and you are left with that unbearable stickiness, use oil to remove the residue.

Cleaning your blinds may take a while, but not with this life hack… Wrap dish towels around either side of a pair of tongs and secure them with rubber bands and you can now double dust!