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New Year, New You for 2018

By January 8, 2018 Blog-Leeds, Blog-Manchester

We know it’s a cliche but it is something we should all aspire to, and in 2018 it is no different. You may look at the past year with both positive and negative memories, so why not make 2018 the year where you have zero regrets because you did all you wanted to do? Here are 15 suggestions on what you could spend the rest of the year doing:


1. Go Travel
The earth is a big place. The majority of us will never get to see all of it and that’s a tragic thing but, give yourself an opportunity to at least experience a part of the world this year. Whether its a well trodden path in the streets of Paris or the uncharted salt flats of Africa, do something that will be memorable.


2. Get married/engaged
Got someone special in your life? This could be the time to take that final step to a brighter future. Who knows, they might say ‘Yes’.


3. Get a new job
You’ve probably been in the same job for a while now. Is it time you considered looking for a fresh start, something new somewhere else? Loyalty to a job or a company is an admirable thing but, your welfare is your most important asset and you owe it to yourself to try something new.


4. Move to another country
Crossing the border or travelling half the world away could be the chance you need to succeed, as many countries in the world encourage immigration and this might be what 2018 has in store for you.


5. New hobbies
Are you young, seemingly heading to a mid-life crisis or at the end of your tether? Not to worry there are others like you out there who feel that cataloguing manhole covers is of sudden interest to them too. Take up a new hobby regardless of how others feel about it, they are probably just being grumpy anyway.


6. Health checks
Go get yourself checked by a doctor and sort out those niggling health concerns you’ve been worrying about.

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7. Value independence
Independence is a wonderful thing. Don’t let others judge you for singing in the shower, for making a crisp sandwich, or whatever you want to do without a care in the world.


8. New friends
Even get a dog or a cat if you don’t need another human friend in your life. But, if you do need one, make sure you keep them fed and watered. Oh wait…


9. Pension
Ugh, retirement. It sounds far away, but remember you’ll feel the benefit that you saved when you were working. This is extra important for when you are ready to throw the towel in.


10. Taste the world
It’s never too late to try new foods and drinks because, you never know, it might be the best thing you’ve ever tasted!


11. Get an extra qualification
If you have the time to get more of an education to hone your skills why wouldn’t you? It might just be the spark that gets you into that dream job you’ve always wanted.

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12. Work less/more
Work can be tough and rewarding – sometimes you never want to and other times you feel a real accomplishment. Either way, stress is the important pitfall you have to leap over in order to manage your time effectively.


13. Family
Family is the most important thing to many people and making time for them in the 21st century can seem impossible at times. But, my advice is as soon as there is an opening for you to see them or make them feel appreciated, you have to take it.


14. Exercise
Well, in these types of lists you tend to find this one right at the top of the list don’t you? Everyone is constantly told they need to exercise more. Nobody ever tells you to sleep more, do they? (*eye roll*) But, I suppose that’s the way the news goes. Exercise more, and then you can sleep more. OK?


15. Healthier habits
Put the delicious pizza and the fried chicken down, pick up a bowl of wholegrain cereal and skimmed milk and have a healthy life.
Everyone likes to eat the nice things sometimes, you just have to strike a balance between the healthy and unhealthy and the same goes for everything in this list.