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Planned to Perfection

By August 27, 2015 March 23rd, 2016 Interviews-Manchester
liz taylor

Event planner Liz Taylor, director at Manchester’s Taylor Lynn Corporation (TLC), spills the beans on her upcoming TV show ‘It’s Glam Up North’ and shares her celebrity stories with JLife’s Kirsty Plowman.


How did the opportunity ‘It’s Glam Up North’ come about?

I have been planning events for 30 years now and have developed a strong reputation for high-quality, innovative parties, business events and celebrations. Over the years I have talked to a few production companies about TV opportunities, worked with media companies in the UK and had a pretty active PR and marketing programme, so an old contact who had gone to work at Remarkable Television found me.


What motivated you to take part in the Channel 4 show?

I have loved the idea of being a part of a TV show about event planning for a while now, and while I was lucky enough to do episodes in two TV series before, they didn’t really get to the heart of what I do. When Remarkable Television approached me last year, they wanted to look at different aspects of party organising and what it takes to make glamorous, high-end events a success. I jumped at the chance.


What do you hope to achieve from the show?

I hope to give viewers a genuine glimpse behind-the-scenes of my company. Looking at the dedication, innovation and creativity needed to make TLC’s parties a success. There is a myth that being a party planner is all about sipping champagne at the bar. This programme sets the record straight with fun, humour and glamour!


Have you got any highlights from filming?

Well, there was the incident where the dancefloor wasn’t quite right – so I had my supplier rip it all up and start again. Contentious? Maybe it was, but I am a perfectionist – I admit it. But discerning clients expect it to be perfect. I am absolutely driven to making every event the best it can be.


What drives your passion towards the world of party planning?

I get up every day with genuine love for my work. Each event is a bit like a new baby (sorry for the cliché, but its true). We create each one uniquely and are constantly looking to push back boundaries of what is possible. It is that challenge that is still thrilling to me after 30 years in the business.


How do you manage your personal life with the organisation of high profile events and juggling demanding clients?

I have a very understanding family! My work is a huge and important part of my life and they accept that. I try to work in family time and holidays where I can. I own a home in Spain so we can escape for weekends here and there, and spend some quality time together. With one daughter in New York we Skype all the time, and with my other daughter and granddaughter living in London I visit whenever I am in the capital working.


What recent events have you been involved with?

The programme follows three gorgeous events including a celebrity fundraiser for the Marina Dalglish Appeal and a sassy 40th birthday party. We also worked on the wedding of Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright which was great fun.


What are you working on next?

A host of corporate and private events with flexible budgets that are pushing the boundaries!


How does your Jewish background influence your business decisions?

I think that the culture itself has instilled a strong work ethic that affects all my decisions… good and bad!


Are you still very much involved in organising Jewish weddings and Bar/ Bat Mitzvahs?

Yes, in fact a fabulous Bar Mitzvah features in the programme. I plan a large number of Jewish events a year, both private and fundraising, and I am a supporter of The Fed and CST.