School Supplies

By August 1, 2017 Features-Leeds

JLife considers a selection of back to school products that can help keep both kids and parents organised.

Such A Chore
To do lists can be daunting, but you can make household tasks simpler with an easy-to-use chore board, so that everyone knows what needs to be done.

This stylish, handmade magnetic chore board and chalkboard from TreeSawCrafts, which can be purchased via Etsy, does not look out of place as decoration and can be customised to suit your schedule. There is plenty of space to write notes and the board comes with eight fun magnets of your choice, which can be custom made or selected from an extensive list featuring pet care duties, kitchen chores, laundry tasks, health and beauty reminders and preparation for school. Just slide the task magnets from one side to another once they have been completed – you could even have individual boards tailored to each member of the family.
From £20.75.

TrackR_bravo_tracker_locator_wallet_item_key_phone finder_app_backpack_square
Lost And Found
There’s always at least one member of a household that has a habit of forgetting, or losing, important items – particularly during the school run. TrackR bravo, a personal item management product, can help you keep tabs on everyday effects. A lightweight, coin-shaped device that comes in silver, rose gold, blue or black, it can help locate keys, purses, wallets, laptop bags and even pets. Simply attach the device to your chosen item, turn on your phone’s Bluetooth and download the TrackR app to find your treasured possession. Working within a 100 ft radius, an alarm will signal as you inch closer. The ability to set up linked groups with family, friends and neighbours, or to be alerted if another anonymous TrackR user passes your misplaced item, makes this technology stand out. But what if you lose your phone? TrackR’s in-built software will make it ring loudly even if it’s on silent.
From £24.99.

Sequence6.50 lumie

Wake Me Up

It can be like pulling teeth when trying to get the entire household awake, up and ready for school or work in the morning. But the Lumie Bodyclock range of wake-up light alarm clocks posits a more natural solution to rousing the family than jolting phone alarms and banging on doors in a rush, instead using light to mimic sunrises and sunsets in an attempt to improve the quality of your slumber and encourage a gradual awakening. Available from high-profile retailers such as, Boots and John Lewis, the Lumie Bodyclocks are suitable for all the family, including babies, and come with an optional alarm beep for those truly stubborn deep sleepers.
Lumie Bodyclock Starter from £59.99.

A Note To Say…
Mustard, a unique stationery brand, has come up with a quirky way to keep those most crucial of organisational tools, the classic sticky notes, light-hearted and on-trend. Fed up of leaving messages that get missed or ignored? Mustard’s eye-catching array of sticky note products, from cat, cactus and ice cream-shaped pads to a photonotes dispenser that looks like a camera, can help to get your message across artistically.

The pick of the bunch is the Wrote-a-Note 2000, featuring 100 sheets of refillable typewriter paper-style sticky notes in a typewriter shaped dispenser that includes a suction cup to ensure your memos stick fast to a desk or surface.

Bag bg
Buzzing For Lunch
If it is carving out time for the kids to sit down and eat meals that sends you into a spin once the school term has restarted, opt for an intelligently designed and convenient lunch bag by TUM TUM, a leading children’s cutlery brand.

This insulated bee lunch bag is not only cute and spacious, but also clever. With an interior pocket and net ideal for housing a freezer pack, this soft, flexible bag also includes a feature which allows you to unzip and fold down the side to create a ready-made built-in placemat ideal for meals on the go. Breakfast, lunch or dinner can be eaten anywhere, mess-free, which is perfect for families that are always on the move. Being sponge washable, dishwasher safe and BPA, phthalate and PVC free, makes this an easy to clean, child-friendly accessory to boot.