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If you take care of your vehicle regularly and keep your MOT certificate up to date, it will not only help improve your car performance but also its resale value. An unexpected car trouble can ruin your pre planned road trips with your family and loved ones. Hence it is always a clever act to keep your vehicle up to date with all necessary car monitoring and MOT tests.

For those who are still not clear on MOT test systems, the below mentioned points will give you important insights on it so that you can make your vehicle MOT proof.

Starting off by knowing why do all vehicles in the UK need to be MOT certified? An MOT tested vehicle means your car is safe to be driven back on the road as it has passed all necessary checks included in MOT. Checks like engine , fuel emmisions , proper windshield without any chips, driver’s road view, tyres and brakes to name a few are included. All these checks benefit motorists as the check makes sure that all components attached to the vehicle are fit to be driven and do not cause any problem during driving.

Another thing you need to know is that vehicles that are liable to MOT testing are those with age of three years or above from the date of purchase. Once your car crosses the date to its third year from purchase, it is mandatory for you to get it MOT proof as soon as possible. Not going through a MOT test and driving the vehicle without being MOT certified can cause you to go through penalties and fines. These fnes can start from 1000 pounds to above! Hence it is better to make your car MOT certified instead of aimlessly roaming around in the unsafe vehicle and getting under penalty trouble later. If we talk about local MOT providers there are many options to choose from. Let’s say you live in Wakefield and want to take help of a professional MOT provider – then you can consult with professionals for MOT in Wakefield at Ossett Tyre House.

Furthermore , the test will only take your 1 hour out of 24 and you might even get free before it. A usual test is 45 – 60 minutes long , that will depend on  what sort of checks are to be done for your car. If you fail an MOT , you are required to leave your vehicle at MOT testing center until the repairs are not completely done. Once this is done and you get your car back you will be free to drive wherever and whenever you like till the next MOT test date.

You can bring your car for the next MOT on the expiration date of the first MOT tests mentioned on your MOT certificate.

It is better to get your vehicle MOT certified on time and avoiding giving hefty fines and penalties later. This will help improve your car performance , make it fuel efficient and increase its resale value as a result.