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Sun’s Out, Fun’s Out!

By May 31, 2021 June 2nd, 2021 Features-Leeds

With summer and sunshine heading your way, we’ll be entertaining in our gardens. Here are JLIfe’s top furniture picks for outdoor entertaining.

Six Burner Gas Barbecue | £249.99

With a change in the weather, barbecues are what’s on everyone’s mind. Already many of us have smelt that delicious scent of charred meat
wafting from our neighbour’s garden and felt envy. Well, covet no longer with this six burner gas barbecue from Very. Not only will you not
have to wait around for the charcoal to burn correctly, there’s also a hob on the side for any kind of side dish you want to make.

DeliVita Outdoor Pizza Oven | £1295

Garden pizza ovens seem to be the new thing in outdoor entertaining. Dazzle all of your guests by serving fresh, homemade pizza baked in an
actual pizza oven. This wood-fired oven from DeliVita is able to reach its max temperature of 450 degrees in 25 minutes and can cook a 12-
inch pizza in just 90 seconds. With a waterproof outer shell, it can stay outside all year round without being damaged. The only difficult part is choosing which toppings you want on your pizza!

Cosiloft 120 Lounge Table Firepit | £1180

Of course, we can’t expect the sun to stay shining the whole time. But there’s no reason to stop you entertaining if you have this gorgeous
firepit from Amara. Built into a coffee table, this firepit runs on propane gas but comes with decorative logs and lava rocks to create the
illusion of a more traditional campfire. The table even comes with a metal plate to cover the firepit if you need the space.

EOS Outdoor Rectangular Bar Table | £670

Get the feeling of being at the pub, even if you can’t get a booking, with this modern bar table from Nest. The fodder will be much cheaper at least! This table is available in three colours: black, white, and rust. Its angular, modern look is replicated in the matching bar stools, selling for £200 apiece.