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Are you an organisation Guru?


You will LOVE Netflix’s: The Home Edit.

From celebrity clients and regular clients, The Home Edit are the organisational queens and they have some exciting tips that you can do all by yourself at home, a little organisation never hurt anybody!


1)      Start Small

When organising your home, start small. One of the biggest mistakes people can make is trying to organise absolutely everything simultaneously. For example, ensure you de-clutter BEFORE beginning to organise and even then, you only organise small areas at a time, i.e. a draw or a single cupboard etc.

2)      Categorise

Once you’ve de-cluttered, lay everything out and put it into categories. Place each category into containers and label. This will encourage you to stick to your boxes and maintain the organisation!!

3)      Containers

Containers can utilise the space in your draw and cupboard much more effectively than the packaging they originally came in. You can then label specific containers so that you can continue to refill them with the same items.

4)      Focus on what the room is used for not what the room is called.

What The Home Edit means by this is, your living room / lounge can also be doubled up as space that is used as a play room and an office, therefore you can designate specific space for these items and organise them effectively given the space you have.

5)      All of the organisational items The Home Edit believes everybody should own:

–          Stackable plastic bins for the bathroom

–          Plastic turntable for the kitchen

–          Rattan storage bins for the living room

–          Clear stackable storage bins for your wardrobe

Info collected from The Home Edit website // Elle Decor