You Can’t Stop Pop Up and Shop

By April 1, 2020 April 24th, 2020 Leeds Community News

Pop Up and Shop had a plan B. After months of hard work and planning, Chai’s dedicated committee found a way to turn things around when Chai had to cancel its March Kids and Tweens Fashion Show due to COVID-19.

The fashion show, raising money for Chai’s Children, Teenage and Family services was to be compered by celebrity host Suzanne Baum with a wide range of activities set to take place. Realising the event had to be cancelled with only four days to go, chairman of the committee, Claudia Salem, launched the Virtual Pop Up and Shop concept. Still hosting the same brands and more, the shop moved online and a percentage of the cost of each product purchased went to Chai, raising £26,000.

Both Chai and the Pop Up and Shop Committee were completely blown away by the support they received: “I was not going to let go of the months of hard work that we and the fundraising team at Chai put in,” said Claudia. “The level of generosity and goodwill we received is incredible and a testament to how much people want to support Chai and all that they do.”