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By July 13, 2021 Features-Leeds

ScottSharp, original, supportive, SOS Marketing comes to the rescue of local businesses, helping them make an impact in the digital world.

A local Jewish-owned startup based in Alwoodley, SOS Marketing is an agency that helps small and medium sized businesses make an impact in the digital world. A refreshing alternative to impersonal corporate agencies where SMEs are lost in a sea of clients, managing director Scott Stalbow offers a tailored, personal approach that will drive the brand forward.

Armed with a marketing degree from Leeds Metropolitan University, he has worked in-house for leading brands including O2 and Renault, before founding his own agency specialising in website design, social media and SEO/PPC. With the world of digital having been accelerated during the pandemic, good marketing has never had a bigger impact for businesses.


Cast your net wide

The shop windows of 2021 are online, giving brands exposure to the world; but having a poorly designed website can be as bad as having no website at all: “Building a unique website is crucial.” says Scott. “Research has shown that today over 51% of UK consumers prefer to shop online rather than in-store. A well-designed site can separate you from your competitors and win you sales.”

Scott has built sites for a number of high-profile Leeds clients, from top restaurants such as G-Wu and major retailers including QLM. Can you think of a successful brand that doesn’t have a website? We certainly can’t!


Be a social butterfly

Once a website is live, it’s vital that good traffic and conversions are built through optimising the site organically or through paid advertising on search engines and social media. That’s where Scott comes in, offering bespoke packages to bring return on investment: “The world of social media may seem abstract or the playground of young people, but paying and engageable customers are waiting to learn about you and your brand if you embrace them,” maintains Scott. “A well-considered strategy will grant you exceptional authoritativeness over the market. This position of importance builds the relationship of mutual trust between company and customer, generating sales and creating brand loyalty.”


Click with customers

For instant sales to grow the business, PPC is the perfect solution. A type of paid advertising you may know as Google Ads, with the right targeting Scott has seen it bring in sales from day one: “As of 2021, search engines are where most customer journeys begin. Ensuring your business appears at the very top of relevant Google searches is the most effective way to drive sales and spark a return on investment. But, not only that, through Google Ads you can advertise across the internet and with videos on YouTube.”


Serving the community

Scott has a track record with helping Jewish organisations including Etz Chaim Synagogue and local kosher deli Gourmet. “I’ve been brought onboard to drive the organisations forward and help them engage more with the local community. It’s early days, but I can guarantee they will notice a difference over the coming months.” Scott even generously volunteered his time to create an exciting new site for The Richard Goldberg Foundation to help raise its profile and fundraising efforts.

Another charity-minded venture worked wonders for SOS Marketing’s long-term client Stoneacre Properties, its well-known annual Christmas confectionary collection raising both vital funds for The Homeless Street Angels and the profile of the business. With Scott’s support, the north Leeds estate agent has grown its business by a third in over just three years. His forward-thinking approach to social media helped it secure the accolade of Best Small Residential Agent for 2019 at Yorkshire Residential Property Awards, having grown their Facebook page by 273%.


Getting to know you

Scott offers a no-obligation consultation, taking the time to understand how the business works. He will then provide his expertise on how digital can have an impact on the bottom line, totally free of charge. If businesses like what they hear, he can provide a number of packages tailored to business objectives: “We work closely with our clients, acting as an extension to their business,” says Scott. “This is how we get results and retain our clients.”

As we move deeper into the digital age, taking advantage of what digital marketing has to offer your SME could be the lifeline that keeps your business afloat through murky waters ahead.

For more information call 0113 294 8871 or visit Sosmarketing.uk


James Newman, director of Stoneacre Properties

 “Scott has managed to get our brand out there, bringing more customers into our business. We’ve been able to look after them and had the best 12 months on record. I’d highly recommend Scott, so pick up the phone today and hopefully he can help you like he’s helped us.”