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Lockdown Well-being.

JLife cares for your well-being so we are here to bring a few tips to care for your own wellbeing at home during the second Corona-Virus Lockdown.

  • Are you a social media bug? Limit your news updates on a day to day basis. Whilst there is not much to do at home it is important, we do not jump into scrolling the headlines and social media channels to get sucked into a world of negativity. Of course, it is important to keep yourself updated but rationing the news updates will definitely help you keep positive.

  • Stick to your usual eating and sleeping routines as well as exercising. It is so important to keep your energy levels up, a brisk 10 minute walk each morning can raise your serotonin level, in turn this increases your levels of sleep hormone giving you a great night sleep each night.

  • Cut yourself some slack. If you have a lazy day in your pyjamas watching Netflix and eating rubbish food, do not beat yourself up about it. Self-care is number one priority, particularly in a lockdown.

  • Although it feels like it right now, this is not forever. Better days are coming for everybody and sticking together and communicating with your support bubble is so important.

  • It might sound trite, but the act of smiling can uplift your mood and help you channel positive thoughts, therefore can help you turn the negatives into positives.

  • Research in positive psychology – the scientific study of happiness – suggests that practicing gratitude can help increase overall feelings of happiness and positivity, therefore keeping a gratitude journal can help you reflect day to day.

From everybody here at JLife we hope you’re keeping safe and positive in this difficult time.